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11 Features of New Android N – Android Operating Sytem

What comes after ‘M’?? of course  its ‘N’. So does apply here. After the release of android M, here comes the next android named Android ‘N’. Well we all know that M stands for Android marshmallow 6.0, but what does N stands for is still a suspense.

Google has recently unveiled the developer preview of its upcoming mobile system. Android N.  Google has also not released any teaser related to the next version of android OS. Google chose to release the preview this early, as it is planning to roll out the final version of android ‘N’ by this summer. Moreover, in this meantime ,the developers would be able to get their apps ‘android N’ ready while providing the much needed feedback to Android N even better. Android N has got very wonderful features and here are those features listed. So let us do some brainstorming in guessing the name of the next android OS, and enjoy these features which we got to know about Android N from its developer preview.

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Android N

Android N

11 Features of New Android ‘N’

 MULTI -WINDOW – Android N feature :

Androids are existing for so many years, but at last after these many years of existence now android is compatible to support multi-window function. now users can enjoy using two apps in one screen either side -by -side,or one -above-the -other. Android N also supports free form mode  which when enabled (by manufacturer) ,allows you to adjust the size of the app window.Android N feature



Android N feature

Now , no need to get irritate from those little icons that fill up your status bar,leaving a small space for your notifications. well you can customize them according to your liking, inclusive of the icons of Bluetooth,WiFi,cellular data, alarms and  more.



Android N feature

Android N supports Direct Reply and Bundled Notifications. ‘Direct Reply’ allows the user to quickly respond to notifications of text  messages and various tasks directly from the notification itself. It saves users time, as they don’t need to open an individual app for giving a reply of a message.

whereas, on the other hand ‘Bundled Notification‘ arranges multiple notifications from an app as a single group of notifications.


Android N feature

Now you can enjoy night mode in Android N . earlier it was first presented in a marshmallow preview .perhaps the best tweak in the system UI tuner : at long last ,stock android has a  dark theme.

It actually consists of three toggles. the first one switched the UI to a darker aesthetic. It’s not as pervasive as one would like – it pretty much only affects the settings menu at the moment – but its early days. the other two toggles bring flux -like functionality. another nice tibit : once you activate Night mode; you can also toggle it from quick settings for easier access.

BETTER EFFICIENCY – Android N feature:

Android N is completely a package full of features. as it is optimized for improving the Battery life  ,RAM usage, and app  performance. In addition to the efficiency , it comes with evolved doze mode,  which saves energy when the device has not been moved for a long time, and also saves energy when the device is unplugged with its display off. that means energy will be saved when you are on the move.


Android N wants you to be safe. so it provides an emergency button at the button of the screen ,which provides a dialer for calling 911 or another contact,when someone tries to use your phone when it is locked.  although, this feature was first available in the previous version of OS, but new to Android N is an ‘Emergency Info’ button that provides important details  about you to a potential helper.

ENHANCED DATA SAVER – Android N feature:

‘Data Saver’ would be of huge help at the end of billing cycle,or when you are using a small data pack. With Android N you can save on your MB, as Android N’s  ‘Data Saver’ blocks the background data usage , which makes apps use less data even in the foreground when the user is on the metered connection. with this you can white-list specific apps to allow background usage if they are your lifeline.


Perhaps better than the above, Android Police noticed that google has created a new  API that lets developers create their own quick settings tiles. these  are meant to be controls or actions within the apps,rather than just shortcuts to open an app.


Now , record TV on your phone. you can do so either by scheduling a recording in advance or you can record it live, that means you can start recording something while watching. you can enjoy your recordings by browsing,managing, and playing them.



As, Android N attempts to improve on the multiple different methods, manufacturers have come up with over the years to block certain numbers or screen calls by baking a standard into  the latest version of android.like fingerprint support and multi window mode,this means that these rather essential process should  become more consistent across devices.

PICTURE – IN – PICTURE MODE -Android N feature:

Android N feature

This is the another feature of Android N which have been using for a while in various smartphones,but was missing in the core Android feature set. with this PIP mode ,android tv users can watch a video in a window pinned to one corner of the screen while using some other app. well!! this is what called multitasking.

What are your views for the upcoming latest Android N operating System. What you are expecting from Google? Do comment below with your views.

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