APN of Aircel for Android Samsung, Micromax, Sony

APN of Aircel for Android Samsung, Micromax, Sony. APN Stand for Access point name and this post will show you how you can manually set apn of aircel. Many mobiles does not get the apn settings directly when you insert a sim, and this makes you to call costumer care, to ask for its apn setting to run internet on same. While this post deals with Aircel APN, you can also see other service provider APN like Videocon, Vodafone,  Reliance, Airtel, Idea, Bsnl, Aircel, Tata Docomo and MTNL. I had experienced this problem in Samsung galaxy S, which made me to write about this information here. Here is the way to set Internet Access point APN of Aircel in your mobile. We can apply this steps in every mobile but, i will demonstrate to set apn in android mobile step by step.

APN of Aircel

APN of Aircel

APN of Aircel

Set APN of Aircel internet Settings :

1.)Select Settings, then Wireless and Networks and to Mobile Networks i.e which will flow as Settings -> Wireless and Networks -> Mobile Networks -> Access Point Names (APN).

For adding new APN setting, selects or click option button of your mobile and select “New APN”, or you may even edit the existing APN by selecting edit.

2.) You need to make changes in some fields in edit access point. Options and its following value of four field i.e Name, APN, Authentication Type and APN Type has to be filled as follows :

  • Name : Aircel GPRS
  • APN :  aircelgprs
 APN of Aircel for Android Samsung, Micromax, Sony

APN of Aircel for Android Samsung, Micromax, Sony

  • Authentication type : None
  • APN type : internet
 APN of Aircel for Android Samsung, Micromax, Sony

APN of Aircel for Android Samsung, Micromax, Sony

3.)Dont make any changes in other fields, i.e Proxy, Port, User name, Password, Server, MMS proxy and MMS port except MCC and MNCEdit MCC (Mobile Country Code) and MNC (Mobile Network Code) according to your network area and country from list provided below.

Note: Following MNC and MCC code are for the user of INDIA, for other country try to find out MNC and MCC code over internet or ask from Customer care.

Here are the list according to which you need to enter the MNC code and MCC code:

MCC     MNC     Network         State
404     17	AIRCEL	        West Bengal
404     25	AIRCEL	        Bihar
404     28	AIRCEL	        Orissa
404     29	AIRCEL	        Assam
404     33	AIRCEL	        North East
404     35	AIRCEL	        Himachal Pradesh
404     37	AIRCEL	        Jammu & Kashmir
404     41	AIRCEL	        Chennai
404     42	AIRCEL	        Tamilnadu
404     91	AIRCEL	        Kolkata
405     800	AIRCEL	        Delhi
405     801	AIRCEL	        Andhra Pradesh
405     802	AIRCEL	        Gujarat
405     803	AIRCEL	        Karnataka
405     804	AIRCEL	        Maharashtra
405     805	AIRCEL	        Mumbai
405     806	AIRCEL	        Rajasthan
405     807	AIRCEL	        Haryana
405     808	AIRCEL	        Madhya Pradesh
405     809	AIRCEL	        Kerala
405     810	AIRCEL	        Uttar Pradesh (East)
405     811	AIRCEL	        Uttar Pradesh (West)
405     812	AIRCEL	        Punjab

4.)Select option, and then save this setting.

I suppose that, this would make your internet connection work properly. You may also read How to make 3G or HSPA internet connection work in Android. If you are having problem in accessing internet by aircel or setting up apn of aircel, post your comment below with the problem, and we will look upon that.

If you are from other country then see the following APN setting:

Disclaimer: Although, we have taken utmost care in gathering correct APN setting of Aircel service provider from our reliable resources and with our own research and experience, but we are not responsible for any inconsistency and inconvenience in accessing internet as we not a part of any of the service provider.


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