APN of Docomo – Tata Docomo for Android Samsung, Micromax, Sony

APN of Docomo – Tata Docomo for Android Samsung, Micromax, Sony. Tata docomo internet setting of android. Some mobiles does not get the apn settings directly when you insert a sim, and this makes you to call costumer care of Tata Docomo, to ask for getting apn setting, to run internet properly on the same. APN Stand for Access point name. I had experienced this problem in Samsung galaxy S,  and also with my friend tablet, which made me to write about this information here. Add access point for other service provider like Videocon, Vodafone, Reliance, Airtel, Idea, Bsnl, Aircel , MTNL etc.. We can set this setting in every mobile but, i will demonstrate to set apn in android mobile step by step.

APN of Docomo

APN of Docomo

APN of Docomo

Set APN of docomo – Tata docomo Setting:

1.) Select Settings, then Wireless and Networks and to Mobile Networks i.e which will flow as Settings -> Wireless and Networks -> Mobile Networks -> Access Point Names (APN).

APN of Docomo - Tata Docomo for Android Samsung, Micromax, Sony

APN of Docomo – Tata Docomo for Android Samsung, Micromax, Sony

For adding new APN setting, selects option button of your mobile and select “New APN”, or you may even edit the existing APN by selecting edit.

2.) You need to make changes in some fields while editing access point. Options and its following value of four fields i.e Name, APN, Authentication Type and APN Type has to be filled as follows :


For 3G internet connection of Tata docomo,

APN of Docomo - Tata Docomo for Android Samsung, Micromax, Sony

APN of Docomo – Tata Docomo for Android Samsung, Micromax, Sony

  • Authentication type : None
  • APN type : internet
APN of Docomo - Tata Docomo for Android Samsung, Micromax, Sony

APN of Docomo – Tata Docomo for Android Samsung, Micromax, Sony

3.) Don’t make any changes in other fields, i.e Proxy, Port, User name, Password, Server, MMS proxy and MMS port except MCC and MNC. Edit MCC (Mobile Country Code) and MNC (Mobile Network Code) according to your network area and country from list provided below.

MCC     MNC     Network         State
405     47	TATA DOCOMO     West Bengal
405     46	TATA DOCOMO     Uttar Pradesh (West)
405     45	TATA DOCOMO     Uttar Pradesh (East)
405     44	TATA DOCOMO     Tamil Nadu
405     43	TATA DOCOMO     Rajasthan
405     42	TATA DOCOMO     Punjab
405     41	TATA DOCOMO     Orissa
405     40	TATA DOCOMO     North East
405     39	TATA DOCOMO     Mumbai
405     38	TATA DOCOMO     Madhya Pradesh
405     37	TATA DOCOMO     Maharashtra and Goa
405     36	TATA DOCOMO     Kolkata
405     35	TATA DOCOMO     Kerala
405     34	TATA DOCOMO     Karnataka
405     33	TATA DOCOMO     Jammu and Kashmir
405     32	TATA DOCOMO     Himachal Pradesh
405     31	TATA DOCOMO     Haryana
405     30	TATA DOCOMO     Gujarat
405     29	TATA DOCOMO     Delhi
405     28	TATA DOCOMO     Chennai
405     27	TATA DOCOMO     Bihar
405     26	TATA DOCOMO     Assam
405     25	TATA DOCOMO     Andhra Pradesh

NoteFollowing MNC and MCC code are for the user of INDIA, for other country try to find out MNC and MCC code over internet or ask from Customer care.

4.)Select option, and then save this setting.

If you are struggling to make 3G or HSPA internet work proper in Android. suppose that after successfully setting apn of docomo,  your android mobile internet connection would work properly. If you are having problem in accessing internet by TATA Docomo, post your comment below with specified problem, so that if could suggest the solution.

If you are from other country then see the following APN setting:

Disclaimer: Although, we have taken utmost care in gathering correct APN setting of Tata Docomo service provider from our reliable resources and with our own research and experience, but we are not responsible for any inconsistency and inconvenience in accessing internet as we not a part of any of the service provider.

134 thoughts on “APN of Docomo – Tata Docomo for Android Samsung, Micromax, Sony

  1. Jose Francis

    I am unable to get connected to tata docomo mobile network even using the above method as and when i enter MCC 405 the setting is getting deleted from DATAWIND UBISLATE 7CZ

    1. Mahendra


      First Make all setting and not change MCC Code because MCC Code automatically assigned in Mobile according to Mobile Network and Mobile Network Circle.

    2. Mantu

      I use SAMSUNG GALAXY STAR ADVANCE G350E .i use TATADOCOM Sim.i tried your information.but not H signal only E signal .plese sir give me a 3g network setting.thank u.

      1. sarfaraz

        Mantu dear in which city u live coz docomo not launch 3g in every city like kolkata,,,, and which mobile u use like Android windows or java phone if u have Android mobile and ur city have coverage 3g then go to setting then more then wireless and network then network mode or 3g option and then select wcdma only wcdma for 3g only in every mobile u got two option 1gsm/wcdma and 2,wcdma so Mantu try this if u Android user or others user then give ur details

  2. farheen

    Im using Micrromax Ninja 3.5 Dual sim mobile..and i have doubt that is,i had made all that settings in my mobile for Docomo internet but my net not getting connected :-/ But for Vodafone my net getting connected ..If their is solution for this problm??

    waiting for your reply..

  3. rakesh kumar sahu

    i’m in raipur, chhattisgarh. having micromax A110Q phone with tata docomo 2G connection. youtube and other online videos not playing but non-video files/pages are getting opened.

  4. Ajit Negi

    I have a tata docomo no. and enjoying internet facility provided by the company….but i can not access my what’s app and other social networking sites…kindly send me setting so that i can enjoy the internet facility….

      1. sukumar

        all mu social site’s are working now, by choosing the tata Internet in Access point names–>tata docomo–> tata docomo internet

  5. KiranManoj

    hi…i was successfully able to use 3g internet by following the settings…after some time..( i recharge for Rs250 i get 1 month 3g 1 Gb free….i recharged it 3-4 times.and when i on my MObile Data i got H..now i recently recharged for 3g now i am getting E and no internet….please help me

    1. KiranManoj

      Some times i didnot gte the H symbol even after i oned moibile data..so i ON and OFFed Flight mode and workd…i have a samsung galaxy grand and this happened when i inserted another sim card. BSNL….now i am not getting any connection..when i remvpoe the BSNL..when i insert it i get E and no internet i gte

      1. akshay Post author

        Hello kirnaManoj… ‘H’ symbol signifies “High speed” i.e 3G, While ‘E’ signifies for “Edge” connectivity. In your Samsung Grand mobile, go to network settings and then select “Network Mode”. If your network operator supports 3G connectivity in your area then select WCDMA, which will restrict the mobile to operate on 3G network rather then Edge.

        1. KiranManoj

          i already tried this. Stil it works on E.and my area is 3G avaible area.When i remove the BSNL sim card nothing come up when i on Mobile data…i.e,no E or H….when i insert back the BSNL sim..i get E..still no internet

        2. Pratik

          Very helpful info akshayupadhyay10
          I was struggling with low internet on my “HTC desire 500″. bcoz it was set as “GSM only” not WCDMA only”. Now i am getting H and internet running awesome.
          I purchased this phone yesterday and thought its issue with phone but thanks to you dear.

          1. kartik

            I have also brought HTC Desire 500 and facing the same issue with TATA DOCOMO N/W . I tried WCDMA only but the phones then looses n/w can you please share your APN settings here?

  6. Amit Solanki

    I follow the steps and my internet is connected but till my google play and whatsapp is still not working, please let me know the actual reason for this.

  7. Pradeep Kumar

    I have followed all those steps. and not getting saved. I am using Android 2.3.5 on Micromax A35
    Tata DoCoMo Not Good.

  8. gaurav

    I am using TATA Indicom CDMA connection and do all settings
    but after input the MCC profile automatically got off and it’s not showing….. plz-plz-plz help me out

  9. shilpa bose

    my tata docomo mobile network is not working..data transfer sign is showing but internet is not working..plzz help..

  10. Nitin Shelar

    my tata docomo mobile network is not working..data transfer sign is showing but internet is not working..plzz help..

    Reply ↓

  11. Lokesh

    Sir, I hav using galaxy y… Wit docomo sim…

    I hav problem that my internet connection is not stable…. Suddenly it’s coming and suddenly it’s nt comin…. Even I got those setting and havin the packet data connection ON…

    how can I com out from that problem

  12. deepak

    hey i m using tata docomo 3g. its really works good. but its disconnects automatically several times.
    tell me what i do that its not disconects automatically??

  13. swagatika

    I am using Sony Xperia M dual mobile.After following the above method also it is not working.I always use combo pack(251/-, 200/- talk time and 1 GB 3G data) .Before it was working properly but now after i recharged this pack 1 week before it is not working.net is not connecting at all.Please do something

  14. meghna karkera

    hay i’m using samsung grand quattro..i have done 3G recharge yesterday… i have done all the settings but still its not happening… it always gets E symbol rather than H… PLEASE HELP

    1. imsarfaraz

      Meghna u defenetly got 3G or signal but b4 that follows some steps 1st off all in u say in which city and in which area u live contact ur operator that in ur area 3G lunch or not as i said already in above comments that docomo 3G not lunch in every city….. But if available then follows this step by step setting go to setting then mobile network then then u got mobile network option or 3G option if u got mobile network then network mode select it and then u got again 3 option 1 gsm only 2 gsm/wcdma 3 wcdma only select wcdma only and then restart the phone hope u got 3G signal by by take care

  15. swecha

    i am using lg p705 mobile and sim of docomo…. my apn settings are correct only but i am unable get my mobile data continuesly…. it was geeting of for some time… even after setting the mobile dadta.. network is not connecting fastly… wat should i do.. plz help me frnds

  16. Aditi

    I have Sony Xperia M, I have the settings as u suggested, but still no internet connection. There are symbols like E, H+, 3g..but even then no site could load…
    What should I do…??? Mail me the reply plZ…

  17. Avik Sinha Roy

    i did as you’ve told. But, the internet is not starting. Everytime i open the browser, a box shows, nosignal for mobile networks. I have installed docomo internet settings. My mobile set is samsung galaxy s duos 2. please help me.

    1. kranti

      hello avik, is your problem solved?? cz i m also having the same problem with s duos 2
      initially it worked i downloaded whatsapp but after one hour it stoppped working.

  18. divya sd

    i m using sony experia e. i can’t connect to internet. i can’t connect to internet. In my mobile,proxy,port,username, password,server,MMSC, MMS port, MMS proxy these items have deleted. and in my mobile MMC code is 035 and not 47.

  19. Xxxxxx

    I’m using samsung galaxy grand i19082 nd I’ve configured new APN but it didn’t work.the internet is very very veryyyyyy slow. When I try to access google it is returning as page can not load at this time please try again…….
    Please suggest what else I’ve to do………

  20. Xyzzy

    I’m using samsung galaxy grand i19082 nd I’ve configured new APN but it didn’t work.the internet is very very veryyyyyy slow. When I try to access google it is returning as page can not load at this time please try again…….
    Please suggest what else I’ve to do………

  21. suddat

    i am using samsung galaxy quattro.. i have followed every procedure as shown above.still i’m not able to access internet.
    it doesn’t even show any sign (H or E).
    please help…
    it’s frustrating ;>

  22. Sushanta

    I followed the every steps as your instruction in my samsung galaxy star pro – DUOS mobile but till now showing “can not load search result”, I trying continue 3 / 4 days but is still not working, please let me know the actual reason for this. I am leaving in Kolkata, Please mail me.

  23. abhayraj kasliwal

    I have just purchased Karbonn A12+ handset and inserted Tata docomo prepaid sim but after follow the steps for activating internet setting, I am unable to start Internet. I also talk to Customer Care but still facing same problem. Pl.suggest. Regards

  24. jacqueline

    i did ol the proxy settings as mentioned in your site but still i am not able to access the internet
    can u plz giv me a solution as soon as possible

  25. Padmaja

    I m using Sony Xperia M, i followed steps, but still not getting the internet. switched off and ON multiple times

  26. megha

    i didnt get 3g network in 2g pack…i have samsung s duos … all my friends uses 3g net in 2g net pack i have tata docomo sim..pls suggest me something i change apn to 3g as shown in setting… n my area is 3g cover

  27. karan patel

    i have gioneeelife e3 and i inserted tata docomo card in 2nd slot i follow above steps but did not get any symbol indicating 2G above network and internet is also not working

  28. Anish


    when I change the network settings as above and restart my mobile it will automatically set back to default settings – please advise.

  29. Sreenivasulu Jeethuri

    I purchased HTC Desire 501 dual sim. I tried above settings. After entered the above setting the APN is deleted. Please help me.

  30. hardik jain

    When i use 2g network gsm it work properly and network is staible and when i select 3g wcdma network not working properly and sign of signal only one stick plzz help me…

  31. Maheshkumar


    I am Tatadocomo internet user , i follow the steps which is given on uper side but i didn’t get iternet connection in my mobile so please give me the valuable sugession so that i can use my mobile internet

  32. Pratik

    i am using micromax doodle ..i have done all this settings but my internet is not working .. can i know the solution …

  33. Aman

    Hi guys i have a xperia z and i cannot access the internet even after doing all these settings and my phone does not show any signs of mobile data transfer
    Please help me. As my money is getting wasted everyday and i am loosing faith in tata docomo

  34. undertaker

    even tho i installed setting my network not working what is the solution my mobile is Android

  35. shreeya

    i m using iball tab..
    i buyed a sim for internet but the salesman gave me sim of computer accessing..
    can i convert it into the normal sim of internet…..????

  36. prakash

    After complete the above settings,internet is not connecting in samsung galaxy s duos .Any Idea?

  37. hudaif

    am using an android tablet that doesnt support sim card but can connect internet through dongle. i could connect with mts mblaze but i couldnt get internet with tata photon 3g. i cant set the apn as there is no save option. will anyone plzsz help me??
    if so plzz email me

  38. ashok kumar

    My Internet connection is not work properly and symbol E for 2 g internet does not appear on the screen please tell me how can.i solve this problem

  39. sanjay

    i have a micromax mad (A94)
    i followed these steps , but still it asks to check ur settings when i try to use internet …
    any other ways ??

  40. abdul

    sir ,

    my problem is that i can’t access net on my samsung mbile from some days on my tata docomo no. Many times i registered complaints reagrding this but not yet any solution is given . so plz solve my problem .

    aligarh (upwest)
    waheed nagar

  41. Chandrashekar

    Hi, I have following settings on my HTC One X+ for Docomo 3G connection:
    Proxy: (I did not set this, generated automatically)
    PORT: 8080 (automatically generated)
    Username: Not set
    Password: Not set
    Server: http://divein.tatadocomo.com
    MMSC: not set
    MMS Proxy: not set
    MMS port: not set
    MMS Protocol: WAP 2.0 (automatically generated)
    MCC: 405
    MNC: 034
    Authentication type: not set
    APN type: default,hipri (i had set this based on suggestion from customer care)

    With all these settings I do get ‘H’ or ’3G’. But the problem is, I am not able to browse through net. Each time I launch a browser I get a message saying “AUTHENTICATION VIA THE PROXY SERVER WAS UNSUCCESSFUL”.
    Only thing I can do is use whatsapp. But even in whatsapp I cannot download or upload the pics.

    Please help me. Docomo customer care is hopeless.

    Thanks in advance

  42. prabir

    Dear All
    I have a Moto G handset and have a plan of Docomo of 3G (1GB)
    But getting 3G speed in very rare case for a few minutes and regularly getting ‘E” only
    Please help if anybody have solution.
    Thanks in advance

  43. prabir

    Dear All
    I have a Moto G handset and have a plan of Docomo of 3G (1GB)
    But getting 3G speed in very rare case for a few minutes and regularly getting ‘E” only

  44. savithadevi

    i am having micromax a94 moblie..u didnt give me a proper seetings..i got E symbol bt icant able to browse..it tells authentication via proxy server was unsuccess ful..ur customer care service didnt responce..pls give me the solution

  45. neelima

    I m having Sony Xperia t2 ultra handset nd having 250 rs 1gb 3g plan.
    I created apn according above given BT Mah 3g access is not working it’s showing me 2g sign “E” with 2g speed.plz help anyone have solution.

  46. Ankit

    i got tata docomo sim of maharashtra. i can’t access internet on my tablet (i ball slide).in mumbai.
    plz help me

  47. kamesh

    iam having a micromax smarty A30 model and docomo connection. i followed all the instruction but still my mobile not getting connected to the internet…..please help

  48. yogesh

    I am using the micromax can vas 2 +
    But after doing these seetins it does not connet with a proper connection it get lose connectin after 1min
    Please hlp me

  49. anand kumar

    i am using asus fonepad 7 tab ,unable to use internet bcoz inetnet settings are not cuming i had call to costmer care but he could’nt responced please send me settings

    1. xyz

      I’m using samsung galaxy grand i19082 nd I’ve configured new APN but it didn’t work.the internet Please suggest what else I’ve to do………

  50. santhoshp

    i m using canvas4 ….3g is not catching in docome even after following above steps…pls suggest soln….

  51. Robinraj

    The above mentioned comment helps me a lot and will provide me correct information to accesss teh internet at mine ported docomo number

  52. Happy

    Thank you so much, just went ahead and changed the APN as suggested and whatsaap started working. To people havin the same issue of not able to browse youtube videos and chats like whatsapp using Docomo, Please change your APN settings to Name: TATA DOCOMO INTERNEThvc & APN: TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNEThvc (**Please note do NOT use the Divein setting!) Restart the phone after you do so, Hopefully it starts working :)

  53. rasmita kumari panigrahi

    Play store and Watsapp nt working since 10 days. ..
    It says while opening Wass up dat unable to connect. ..Plz try later. ..

    While all other applications r opening. ..except this two apps. ..I don’t know what happened. ..Plz suggest me anyone what to do…

  54. Roopini

    M stil nt able to use my 3g connection.. m using samsung tab.. m able use my internet bt nt able download anythn.. nt evn able to update my apps!!!!! :(

  55. karthi

    I have use samsung gt-s5360 in tn. I use tata docomo but internet connection is very slow plz reply a settings to me.

  56. Amar Pawar

    I have HP Slate6 VoiceTab with Vodafone (Sim1) and Aircel (Sim2).
    I want to connect Tata Docomo 3g Dongle to it. Where shall I add APN ? on Sim 1 or Sim2 ?
    It doesn’t allow me to create new APN under Sim1. There are already 2 APNs for Vodafone.

    Please help.

  57. zaheer abbas

    I’m using geionee p3 hand set , when i inserted docomo sim it automatically not accepting APN but its not browsing except in opera mini …plz help me

  58. priyanshu agarwal

    i already tried this. Stil it works on E.and my area is 3G avaible area.When i remove the idea sim card nothing come up when i on Mobile data…i.e,no E or H….when i insert back the idea sim..i get E..still no internet

  59. sourabh agrawal

    Hello sir,i have a micromax canvas 2 A110 but in this 3g data not work properly in tata docomo sim i m using all your suggesion but the problem is still coming so plz help

  60. Rahul

    I filled all the field according to your settings and when i fill my state region cod of mnc 031 to 030 as u said then network apn is lost all the time and i am using micromax colours can you please say about this.

  61. kkporichha

    I have Lava irris 400s.R symbol is appearing in local area.So internet is not conecting.In other area where R symbol is disappeared. Internet is connecting easily

  62. dev

    “by this setting one time i got free internet ,for a limited time.now my net is off. so what shoud i do to get free internet agian…..”

  63. saheel

    i have used all of the steps on my samsung galaxy note 3
    but i have not got any 3g its only the 2g network showing can u please help me to get the fast internet 3g connection
    thank you

  64. hiamnshu

    I’m using xiaomi redmi note mobile. I folllow all above step but i didn’t get the internet setup in mobile.
    please give a solution.

  65. Dr Raj

    Hi all, went through most of the comments made above. One thing we all will agree that finally it boils down to the network coverage of tata docomo.
    I am facing the same old problem of slow 3G speed, it’s so pathetic that it takes mins to even open Google. I have tried doing all the changes in every possible way but the problem remains as it is , I guess it’s on tata docomos part to solve this issue and we can’t do anything about it from our side.. If any one has really found out a solution then pleas share .. Raj

  66. anant sharma

    Sir I have followed all the steps for 3g net but the settings are not getting saved pls help me.


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