APN of Idea for Android Samsung, Micromax, Sony

APN of Idea for Android Samsung, Micromax, Sony. Some mobiles won’t get the apn settings directly when you insert a sim, and this makes you to call costumer care of Idea, to ask for its apn setting to run internet properly. APN Stand for Access point name. This post is to set APN of idea, while you can also find access point or apn for other service provider like VideoconVodafoneReliance, Airtel, Idea, Bsnl, Tata Docomo, Aircel, Mtnl etc. I had experienced this problem in Samsung galaxy S, which made me to write about this information here. Here is the way to set apn setting in your android mobile. We can apply this steps on every mobile but, i will demonstrate to set apn in android mobile step by step.

APN of Idea

APN of Idea

APN of Idea

Set apn of idea internet setting:

1.)Select Settings, then Wireless and Networks and to Mobile Networks i.e which will flow as Settings -> Wireless and Networks -> Mobile Networks -> Access Point Names (APN).

For adding new APN setting, selects or click on option button of your mobile and select “New APN”, or you may even edit the existing APN by selecting edit.

2.) You need to make changes in some of the fields while editing access point. Options and its following value has to be filled as follows :

  • Name : Idea gprs
  • APN : internet
APN of Idea for Android Samsung, Micromax, Sony

APN of Idea for Android Samsung, Micromax, Sony

  • Authentication type : None
  • APN type : internet
APN of Idea for Android Samsung, Micromax, Sony

APN of Idea for Android Samsung, Micromax, Sony

3.)Dont make any changes in other fields, i.e Proxy, Port, User name, Password, Server, MMS proxy, MMS port except MNC  and MCC. Fill up the fields of MCC(Mobile country code) and MNC (Mobile Network Code) according to the list provided below of your respective state.

Note: Following MNC and MCC code are for the user of INDIA, for other country try to find out MNC and MCC code over internet or ask from Customer care.

MCC     MNC     N/W     STATE
404     04	IDEA	Delhi
404     07	IDEA	Andhra Pradesh
404     12	IDEA	Haryana
404     19	IDEA	Kerala
404     22	IDEA	Maharashtra
404     24	IDEA	Gujarat
404     56	IDEA	Uttar Pradesh (West)
405     70	IDEA	Bihar
404     78	IDEA	Madhya Pradesh
404     82	IDEA	Himachal Pradesh
404     87	IDEA	Rajasthan
404     89	IDEA	Uttar Pradesh (East)
405     799	IDEA	Mumbai
405     845	IDEA	Assam
405     846	IDEA	Jammu & Kashmir
405     847	IDEA	Karnataka
405     848	IDEA	Kolkata
405     849	IDEA	North East
405     850	IDEA	Orissa
405     851	IDEA	Punjab
405     852	IDEA	Tamilnadu
405     853	IDEA	West Bengal

4.)Select option, and then save this setting.

I suppose that, this would make your internet connection work properly, by setting apn of idea. You may also read How to make 3G or HSPA internet connection work in Android. If you are having problem in accessing internet by idea, post your comment below with the problem, so as we would look positively for the problem.

If you are from other country then see the following APN setting:

Disclaimer: Although, we have taken utmost care in gathering correct APN setting of Idea service provider from our reliable resources and with our own research and experience, but we are not responsible for any inconsistency and inconvenience in accessing internet as we not a part of any of the service provider.

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  2. jigar

    i have use Giorgione p2 android Mobil and select idea sim but apn setting and internet not connect my mobil so i have very tried for idea company whats happen i dont know so help for apn setting and this hand set for android Giorgione p2 yet big problem for internet start one secound and on this sport disconnection as big problem

    1. shahid

      if u have problem in connecting internet so use this account name: idea internet apn:internet.

  3. shafu

    the apn is not getting saved after creating it n even saving it… its not getting saved at all…. m using iball andi 4di… please help me for getting internet connection

  4. medha

    i tried all settings as per the instructions. but still unable to acess internet.

  5. Sadanand

    Thank you for the information. It was really useful .

    1. pankaj

      kaise kiya bhai, setting karne k bad kya karna hai

  6. Basanti

    i tried all settings as per the instructions. but still unable to acess internet.

    1. riya

      My net is not working. I have done every changes but still its nt working plz help me out

  7. nilesh

    I am using idea 2g pack in micromax a27 mobile, I am playing online teen patti game in this mobile with idea 2g. but there is problem in internet. its getting breaking internet. and my “e” symblol is lapse and come again, its working proper some time and sometime not working. my means give services like not flaqution internet. working smotthly. I was left DoCoMo for this problem. next I will left this idea also if problem not solved in 15 days..
    Thanks and regards,
    Nilesh SAthawra


    Thank you for the information which could not provided by idea customer care,i tried several times (4 days)with idea customer care they were useless.finally i started searching web.i have got solution from your great web site,thanks a lot.
    “Good self may do the HELP”

  9. Priyanka

    Thank you for the information. It isreally useful . :-)

  10. Deva

    Thx Dude…. U help me alot…

  11. sam

    Really nice job

  12. NeethuReddy

    I tried all settings as per the above instructions, but still unable to access internet.

  13. sagar

    i tried all settings as per the instructions. but still unable to acess internet.

  14. Hemanshu

    such a way of life in mind when you are fine with the best knowledge

  15. Satyendr

    Thank you. It worked

  16. G.Ravi

    I set APN setting on my obile but not working

  17. Jithin George

    My handset is 2G my sim is 3g but not 3G speed what do i do?

  18. pankaj

    i have stetted the access point as per dispirited instruction. but from where i will select that access point for internet use

  19. Bandu

    I have done the setting in my android Lava iris406Q phone but still unable to access it. Please help.

  20. ajith


    1. ajith


  21. Aju

    Guys use this APN settings recently I got from Idea Customer care.

    Name : idea internet
    APN : internet
    Authentication type : None
    APN type : default

  22. Svk

    Thanks….This is very very useful & 100% Working for my today purchased Brand New Lenovo Tablet

  23. Poonmaram Suthar

    i have Samsung mobilr model number GT-S7582 using. How to receive the setting?????
    Please help…..

  24. chotu

    what is the MCC and MNC of jharkhand state…please provide..i have samsung galaxy star..

  25. Maddy2424

    best yaar

  26. sathish

    idea android settings problems ozhivaakaan cheyyendath. aadyam settingsil poyi mobile data un tick cheyyuka pinne 3g aanu use cheyyunnathenkil wcdma modeill aakkuka 2g aanenkil gsm only aakkuka pinne network operators open cheythu serch cheythu idea yil tick cheyyuka pinneed phone swiched off cheythu on cheyyuka ennitt mobile data enable cheyyuka ini use cheythu thudangam

  27. sathish

    pinne ethu netwokilum gprs use cheyyumbozhum minimum₹1 keep cheyyan prathyekam sradhikkuka

  28. Prajith

    I have a Lava Iris 349 Android phone. I followed your steps carefully and saved the settings. But, I’m still not able to connect to internet & the message still shows “no network connection”. My phone works well in a WiFi network, but, I dont know why it doesnot work in Idea Mobile Internet network.

  29. Shadow-t

    Had sony xperia t2 ultra dual

    tried the idea setting but its prompting handset doesnt support OTA

    Suggest me

  30. gursewek

    I have Micromax A44. Whenever I want to open the online job application form then it say that your device is not allow to acess this page. Please give solution.

  31. ajeet

    it was helpful for me……………

  32. pankaj

    try ” Reset apn setting” by pressing left option key..and click on reset..

  33. king

    3g service not in dehli lol

  34. Deepak

    APN is not getting saved after creating it and even saving it… Its not getting saved at all…
    I’ am using Micromax A27. Please help me for getting internet connection.

  35. Adinath

    Thanks it was really helpful information

  36. nelson w

    i m using microMax unite-A092 wants the setting to use net on my cell

  37. Ishu

    My micromax a106 shows roaming sign but i m at my home. Network is idea. Please help me.

  38. nikhil

    I have Samsung S2 (i9100) android bases phone, i have full high speed internet whenever i am out from house. Whenever i get inside my home the data get disconnected but my network bar is full and calls very clear. Dont understand the concept. kinldy help on the same. Have tried many APN types for the resolution.

    Idea number new connection really disappointed

    Kinldy assist on same ASAP.

  39. ramprakash

    thank you…..the info is useful n worked for me

  40. sarthak

    wow, i did as per this solution and lol it didn’t work.
    but after i saved my setting, there was an option of restore default settings. I just clicked it and viola its done.
    thank you btw :)

  41. D.jha

    My idea internet 2G is not working from last 24 hrs. N connection is worse. Fix this problem

  42. Bin

    Hi guys….If ur Internet is still not getting accessed……….then change the ” APN TYPE ” to ” default, supl “

    1. jithu

      thanks bro really worked

  43. Suarj


  44. Vvv cool

    Urgent help needed. What is 3G / APN setting for Samsung Note 4 on idea in Delhi NCR. Mentioned above setting are not working. Even customer care representatives are helpless

  45. sussain

    sir i am having HCL me V1 tab
    and wanted to connect my Micromax MMX 354G 3G Data Card
    i am done with all the settings said above but i am unable to get
    connected to the internet.
    No network is showing up
    please help…. :(

  46. ranjit

    i have create all the settings but i m not able to acess internet pls provide the solution for it.

  47. John

    When i enter mnc value 850 all enteries are deleted.pl help

  48. Nepal Singh

    APN intarnet

  49. Rahul

    im using huawei g700,the sett not supporting in my phone, it will showing 3g n internet in top of mobile,but the network section showing only up arrow mark..
    pls help me

    1. akshay Post author

      Either Switch off your cell first or to flight mode. Also check if you have data balance or main balance valid.

      1. vinod

        My micromax a065 shows roaming sign but i m at my home. Network is idea. Please help me.

  50. RAJ dHOTRE

    tried all settings as per the instructions. but still unable to acess internet.

  51. Surya

    I m having gprs settings and also internet connection .. but whatsapp and gmail is not working.. but google is working.. what can I do now.. reply me….

  52. Richeek

    great one! It worked for me on Samsung Galaxy S5

  53. dengale sudhir radhakisan

    tried all settings as per the instructions. but still unable to acess internet.

  54. nikhil

    network showing roaming sign.. that is RH and sometimes RH+ and then it automatically turns to E and due to this.. internet stops working when RH switches to E for sometime until it again switches back to RH.. and it makes my internet not work for very long until RH comes..

  55. Rohit

    I have I ball tablet Model 3G 7803Q-900.After purchasing prepaid card of idea,i did all the settings as told by idea customer care.Still I am unable to get the internet connection.When I type the web address in URl I get the error— Authentication through proxy server was unsuccessful—.What is the solution?

  56. sam

    Thankz alot!. My APN got set.

  57. Rajan Fofandi

    I have a solution of this..

    Name : Idea Internet
    APN : Internet
    APN Type : default,supl,agps,fota,dun

    Worked on my phone after entering apn type also.

  58. monis khan

    Sir. I have Micromax canvas a111 what is my internet setting I.e server.proxy .port.etc of idea 3g pls help

  59. krishna

    hello friends i am using d-link modem pls help me how to connect to my tablet


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