Connect internet in PC Laptop by android mobile with USB

Connect internet in PC Laptop by android mobile with USB. Today many android phone have a facility to share its data packet with personal computer (PC) or laptop by just enabling only one check box of your cell. Usually i need to connect internet in my laptop with this method when i cant access my broadband service. I have made this practical i.e Connect internet in PC Laptop by android mobile with USB, with Samsung galaxy mobiles and Sony Ericsson phone also with Micro-Max canvas mobiles, but it might be possible that your mobile is not having this facility. No need for any PC suite for connecting to access internet and not even require an user-id and password. This is all possible by “tethering” feature means actually we can share the Internet connection of mobile phone with other devices using cable. You can even access internet on PC by mobiles using WI-FI tethering and Bluetooth tethering feature. Even you can share your internet data of mobile with another mobile. Here are steps to connect internet in PC laptop by android mobile with USB:

Connect internet in PC Laptop by android mobile with USB

Step 1.) First step is to Connect your mobile with PC or Laptop via USB cable.

Step 2.) Check whether your data packet is Enable or not and ensure that your internet is properly working in mobile and you are able to open web pages in your android mobile any browser.

Step 3.) After performing above steps, go to mobile setting and select wireless and networks and go to “Tethering and portable hotspot”. i.e Setting -> Wireless and networks ->Tethering and portable hotspotNow select “USB Tethering” and make it enable as shown below.

Connect internet in PC Laptop by android mobile with USB

Connect internet in PC Laptop by android mobile with USB

Connect internet in PC Laptop by android mobile with USB

USB tethering on : Connect internet in PC Laptop by android mobile with USB

Step 4.)Check for the “internet Network” to appear in your PC in bottom most right position as shown below, and click that icon to check the notification that if you can make internet access.

Connect internet in PC Laptop by android mobile with USB

Internet network working

If any problem persist to Connect internet in PC Laptop by android mobile with USB, you can post comment below.

48 thoughts on “Connect internet in PC Laptop by android mobile with USB

    1. sneh

      I got blue sign of thetring but it is not conect with laptop means ln laptop there is no any option or message how to connect it pls rply me

  1. prabhakar

    I got the therted sign on my mobile but it is not connecting to my pc.
    Shall i hav to open mya data pack as well?
    If after open the data pack it will not connected then what should i do?

  2. Deepanshu

    My phone model is GT-S7262 (samsung star pro) and these options are absent .
    How can I do so with this model?

  3. Rajat

    Dear Sir,

    But how to share pc internet with samsung galaxy core via usb?
    Can you help me some body please..

  4. vishal saini

    my phone is not connect with pc and there is no icon seen in bottom of the dextop
    my phone model is micromax bolt a62

    1. akshay Post author

      If phone USB connection is problem, then try to resolve USB driver problem, or install new one.

  5. joey gomeri

    Hello… my usb tether option is not enabled even i already connect my usb cable to my laptop. My data connection is also active. still, i cannot check it. what could be the problem on this?? please help me.. thank you.!

  6. shruthi

    hi there! mine’s a samsung galaxy. i can connect my moblie data via usb tethering to a friend’s acer laptop,however its not working on my samsung laptop. i even checked the usb debugging option on my phone,but its still not connecting. is there any file that’s need to be downloaded?

    1. Teja

      yes..! you have to download the “tetherxp.inf” file to connect the usb tethering through your mobile.then u can get the internet connection..

  7. Lateef

    After the thtird step above there is no notification on my laptop wat to do and i dont get conect

  8. Dilip Kumar

    I got the therted sign on my mobile but it is not connecting to my, tell me how to use internet on pc.
    iam using samsung galaxy s duos 2 and i installed kies 2.6 version.

    kindly do the needful.

    1. Sameer Khan

      Hi Sneha,

      I will guide you step by step and am sure after that you will be able to use internet via USB cable.

      Step 1. Connect your USB cable to PC or Lappy as well as your Android one.

      Step 2. Go to settings>>Wireless and Networks>>Mobile Networks>>Enable or check Mobile data. This is the main important step you need to enable mobile data first of all.

      Step 3. Go to Tethering and portable hotspot>>USB tethering option will be there click on it.

      After that, you can see your android packets will be sent to your Laptop or PC, and then check whether you are able to browse any pages or not.

      But, eve-though after performing those steps if your still unable to access then I tell you the last most important step.

      Step 4. Right click on My computers>>Manage>>Device Manager then check whether any device driver is missing of you mobile model and it will give you YELLOW signal as an error. Then right click on it and click on “update drivers options” if your having net then click on search automatically or online, then immediately after the device drivers installed am pretty much sure that you will be able to access internet from your mobile to PC or Laptop via USB or Wifi.


      Sameer Khan

  9. Nirmal Poddar

    I want to use my wired LAN which connects on my laptop to provide an internet connection to my Android Phone. I have tried converting my Laptop to a hotspot and connect the phone to this hotspot.

    While the phone connects to normal Wifi without any issue, if does not do so to the Laptop Hotspot. These problems with android seem to be general and discussed in web forums.

    Can I use USB/Blue tooth to make the flow using the wired LAN on my laptop to my Mobile.

  10. jhintu

    I will do everything but not connected problem is sometime capable not connected properly sometime wrong IP a address Micromax a119 mobile USB also original

  11. jobin johnson

    I can’t connect to net.there is a error on the monitor icon below. What am I supposed to do next?????

  12. Devendra Gupta

    Thanks , this is very helpful for me you explained in very easy way . thanks again . can I tress any mobile no locations by my android mobile phone I have Motorola’s moto e . please reply me.

  13. nisha

    i got terthng sign in my mobile but netbis not connected plz give me suggestion its urgent plz reply me.


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