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Reliance Free movie internet plans

Movies ,music brings joy and entertainment to our lives, but sometimes we are not able to reach Cineplex or PVR because of our busy schedule and work load. If this is same case with you don’t worry reliance communication is here to help you again with Reliance Free movie internet plans.

Reliance Free movie internet plans

Reliance communications is one of the big giants among the telecommunication brands and always ready with the new and innovative ideas for the customer’s .and here it is with reliance movie net plans with which you can watch and enjoy each and every movie on your mobile and can refresh your mood with varieties of songs.

Reliance Free movie internet plans

Reliance Free movie internet plans

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Select Movinet reliance free movie internet plans from here:

How to subscribe – to reliance free movie internet plans

Now you can enjoy unlimited access to movies & music along with data quota every time you recharge with reliance movie net plan here we provide you information how you can subscribe to reliance movie net plans-

For first time login-

  • Movinet gives free subscription access to movies and music library of hungama. You will get the pin through sms for login after movinet recharge post paid and pre paid subscription.
  • You can click on movies and music button to browse available contain. Click on more towards the bottom of the screen to read more.
  • When you click on any movie or music option then you will be redirected to play store to download the hungama app. After you install the app. Login with your mobile number and pin.
  • After successful login enjoy free subscription access to the entertainment library.

Not for first time user-

  • Click on hangama app or movinet icon on your phone to enjoy the entertainment library.
  • There is no subscription for movies and music library of haungama till your movinet recharge is valid.
  • You don’t need to fresh login every time.

Use  reliance movinet and bring multiplex to your mobile. What you think about Reliance free movie internet plans? Do comment below in the box provided.

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