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Android M 6.0 – Android Marshmallow features and updates

Android M 6.0 – Android Marshmallow features and updates. Google rolled out Android 6.0 Marshmallow i.e Android M and would be first available in Google Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 7, Nexus 9 and Nexus Player. Obviously their upcoming devices i.e Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P will be shipped with latest Android M 6.0. Lets us see what new features and updates does Marshmallow will have and would it be worth to update the same on your devices or should you purchase the same.

And now announced all new Android N operating System.

Android M 6.0 - Android Marshmallow features and updates

Android M 6.0 – Android Marshmallow features and updates

Features of Android M 6.0 – Android Marshmallow:

  • App Permission choice – To protect your privacy:

Marshmallow now allows you to accept or deny the permission individually even after the installation of the application, while lollipop and its lower version gives choice for permission only once i.e at the time of installation.

Also the permission for using the resources of your mobile will be asked once to grant permission, when app want to use the same. This lets you to know which app is using your information and allows you to control over app to access information. In addition to this we will get new added setting option for allowing or denying the permission of resource over individual app.

Android M 6.0 - Android Marshmallow features and updates

  • Security with your fingerprint:

Marshmallow provides you a new way of security for fingerprint sensor enabled devices. It allows to your protecting from unlocking the screen, authorize transaction from google play store and signing into 3rd party apps etc.

Android M 6.0 - Android Marshmallow features and updates

  • Low battery consumption:

Battery optimization is one of the new feature area you will find in settings of Android M, from where android system will add all app in battery optimization. Doze is a new function which Google introduced which let android recognizes when the mobile comes in idle state and would force switch to sleep state for power conservation.

USB Type-C is supported in Android Marshmallow, which provides faster charging and also lets you to charge others mobile too with the same phone.

  • Autoback and restore App and Data:

Android 6.0 Marshmallow provides you easy way to backup and restore your data from one Android mobile to another. It will use Google Drive and will sync the data over wifi once a day.

  • Google Now – Now on Tap:

This feature will try to solve your next plan instantly. Its kind of automated system, where Google will see and access information from your text message or mail or from any other source and will provide you a relevant information back in Google Now. This feature is avail directly by pressing and holding home button. For more information and example you may be interested to read one of article here:

Android M 6.0 - Android Marshmallow features and updates

Android M 6.0 – Android Marshmallow features and updates


  • Switch between Web browser and native app easily:

Well this one is very interesting and problem solving feature for me as I am addicted to search over web with my android smartphone. M 6.0 Marshmallow provides you to open custom tab chrome application overlayed over the active application, which allows user and system to easily and frequently to switch between chrome and active application.

Moreover Android M 6.0 provides add-on features which are listed briefly below:

  • If your auto rotation is on, then home screen can also be viewed as rotated screen.
  • Menu icons will allow you to scroll vertically instead of horizontally.
  • Search bar at top in menu icon to search desired application.
  • Text can now be copied with an option as ‘copy’, ‘cut’ and ‘paste’ text instead of icons which was not easy to understand for a layman.
  • RAM Manager : It lets you find and check the memory usage of all installed apps.
  • You can choose an option to add or remove icons in status bar.
  • Add a custom message in lock screen display which you can be seen just below the time and date.

Android M updates would be available for many other devices, but need to wait for some time. This post has listed most important features of Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Do share and comment below if you want to add more points for same.

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