APN of Loop for Android Samsung, Micromax, Sony

APN of Loop

APN of Loop Mobile for Android Samsung, Micromax, Sony. Loop Mobile, known as BPL Mobile, an Indian Network service provider, was lately acquired by Bharti Airtel. APN stands for Access Point Name, and your mobile internet may not work properly, if APN is not set or installed properly, even after having a valid internet plan. Most of the time, many network service provider are unable to deliver APN setting configuration in particular mobile devices, which ultimate leads you, to search for APN setting of your respective mobile network operator. I too have experienced this problem, and so here writing how i set the APN manually and overcome this problem. You can also see and recommend your friends or family member to solve for other service providers, like MTNLTata Docomo UninorIdeaAirtelVodafoneRelianceBSNLAircelVideocon etc. Well you can implement this steps in different mobiles too, but i will demonstrate you to set APN in Android mobile step by step

APN of Loop Mobile

APN of Loop
APN of Loop

APN of few more Service providers :

Set APN of Loop Mobile internet Settings:

1.) Select Settings from Menu of Android screen and then Wireless Networks i.e Settings -> Wireless Networks -> Access point Name(APN).

APN of Loop
APN of Loop

If you want to add new APN setting instead of Editing, select or click option button of your mobile and select New APN.

2.) Provide changes in some fields by editing access point for following Options fields i.e Name, APN, Authentication Type and APN Type, with Values as follows:

a.) Name : Loop Mobile

b.) APN : www

as shown in figure given below: (If ‘www‘ is not working try ‘mizone’ instead of www).

APN of Loop
APN of Loop

c.) Authentication type : None

d.) APN type : internet

APN of Loop
APN of Loop

3.) Don’t make any changes in other fields i.e Server, Proxy, Port, User name, Password, MMS port and MMS Proxyexcept MCC and MNCEdit in MCC(Mobile Country Code) and MNC(Mobile Network Code) according to your network area and country from list provided below.

MCC     MNC     Network         State
404     21          LOOP                Mumbai
405     854         LOOP                Andhra Pradesh
405     855         LOOP                Assam
405     856      LOOP               Bihar
405     857      LOOP               Delhi
405     858      LOOP               Gujarat
405     859      LOOP               Haryana
405     860      LOOP               Himachal Pradesh
405     861      LOOP               Jammu & Kashmir
405     862      LOOP               Karnataka
405     863      LOOP               Kerala
405     864         LOOP                Kolkata
405     865      LOOP               Madhya Pradesh
405     866      LOOP               Maharashtra
405     867      LOOP               North East
405     868      LOOP               Orissa
405     869      LOOP               Punjab
405     870      LOOP               Rajasthan
405     871         LOOP                Tamilnadu
405     872      LOOP               Uttar Pradesh (East)
405     873      LOOP               Uttar Pradesh (West)
405     874      LOOP               West Bengal

Note: Following MNC and MCC code are for the user of INDIA, for other country try to find out MNC and MCC code over internet or ask from Customer care.

4.) Select option, and then save this settings.

This should solve your internet problem, after setting APN of Loop Mobile manually.  You may also be interseted to see how to run 3G or HSPA in Android mobile. If you are still finds any problem after following above steps properly, do comment below with your problems, we will look on that issue hopefully. Your valuable suggestions and experience with our website, is always welcome as comment.

If you are from other country then see the following APN setting:

Disclaimer: Although, we have taken utmost care in gathering correct APN setting of Loop service provider from our reliable resources and with our own research and experience, but we are not responsible for any inconsistency and inconvenience in accessing internet as we not a part of any of the service provider.

Author: akshay upadhyay

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