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We are living in a highly Technical world in which use of smartphone has just became the need of every man. On each successive day it is becoming more advance. We are now using 4G- Fourth generation . 4G is latest after  2G and 3G and possess more speed comparatively. Now trending the Reliance Jio 4G and it has captured almost telecom market. So, we should know the Reliance JIO APN Setting. 

In any  smartphone , there is a need of APN setting to access internet. APN is acronym of “Access Point Name”. To access internet by Reliance jio network first you need to have VoLte support android mobile phone. Basically Volte is stand for voice over LTE( long term Evolution) which is radio access technology to deliver High Speed and a new protocol for transmitting voice data over the LTE network. Some mobile does not have. You can also refer to APN setting of Vodafone, idea, Airtel, Tata Docomo, Videocon, Aircel, BSNL.

Reliance JIO APN Setting

How to Navigate to APN setting: – JIO APN

Following are the steps that how to navigate through APN setting and we can apply this steps on every mobile :

  1. Select setting , then wireless and Network then mobile Network and then APN setting .

setting > more wireless & network > mobile network > APN setting.

  1. Add new APN setting, selects or click on option button of your mobile and select ‘New APN’ and edit it.
  2. Reliance JIO APN Setting
  3. Then make some changes in other fields as just as mention below:
  • Name                      :                 Jio Internet
  • APN                          :                    JIONET
  • Proxy                       :                    not set
  • Port                          :                    not set
  • Username               :                   not set
  • Password                :                  not set
  • Server                      :                  not set
  • MMSC                      :                   not set
  • MMS Proxy             :                  not set
  • MMS Port                :                  not set
  • MCC                          :                     405
  • MNC                         :                     863
  • Authentication     :                 not set
  • APN Type                :                 default
  • APN Protocol         :                 IPv6/IPv4
  • Bearer                     :                      LTE

Reliance JIO APN Setting

Few more For you :

Reliance JIO APN Setting

  1. Don’t make any changes in other fields, i.e Proxy, Port, User name, Password, Server, MMS proxy, MMS port except MCC & MNC Codes.
  1. MCC & MNC are depend on area & set by default according to your network and if not then fill it correctly according to the list provided below.

Reliance JIO APN Setting – MNC and MCC code

Below is the detailed list of MNC (Mobile Network Code) and MCC (Mobile Country Code) for Reliance jio Infocom ltd.

Name of Region or StateMCCMNC
West Bengal405840
Andhra Pradesh405854
Himachal Pradesh405859
Jammu & Kashmir405860
Madhya Pradesh405863
North East405865
Tamil Nadu ( including Chennai)405869
Uttar Pradesh (West)405870
Uttar Pradesh (East)405871
  1. Then save this setting .

I hope that , This would make your internet connection work properly.

“Disclaimer: Although, we have taken utmost care in gathering correct APN setting of Reliance JIO service provider from our reliable resources and with our own research and experience, but we are not responsible for any inconsistency and inconvenience in accessing internet as we not a part of any of the service provider.”

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