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If you need a app to protect your privacy which can ensure security of your Smartphone then here we have amazing application. You should Just try it once to lock application of your mobile – App Lock – Protect Privacy – Ensure Security – Hide Pictures – Hide Videos . 

Guys, we all know sometimes it becomes unfortunate to put lock on mobile phones. As sometimes may be any third person need to contact to your family urgently when you are in a big problem and due to phone lock system one can become unable. So just to avoid any such kind of situations one should not enable lock system in mobile phone. “But what about Our privacy & security?” It might be the first question which may arise when anyone ask you to leave phone unlock. So isn’t it okay if you put lock on your particular application? It can be go well with AppLock android app. Just go through the whole article and know how is it possible.

App Lock – Security for Android App:

Here we have amazing app to protect our privacy and to ensure our security that is AppLock. With this app, one can lock particular application selected by them. It allows user to add private pictures in Photo Vault, and also allows to add private videos in Video Vault. Privacy feature of this app becomes more strong inclusive lock for general application along with advanced lock for in-built Setting of applications. Moreover, It has Switch lock system for basic tools like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Mobile network data and Auto sync.

App Lock

Privacy under general section would include lock for all kind of applications whether it is third party application or System Application. Whereas Advanced feature have something more interesting. Advanced section includes lock for in-built setting like prevent installing and uninstalling from google play store, prevent others from taking incoming calls, protect notification of locked apps and prevent watch recent apps as well.

App Lock

Protect section of AppLock includes three section i.e Security, General, and Magic.

  1. Security Tab is for lock setting which allows you to change unlock mode for Pattern and Password both. Also you can choose whether you want to make pattern visible or not. Also you can manage vibration mode for to input password or draw pattern. It also allows you to update security email and question.App Lock
  2. General Tab is just for switching on or off for Power Saving mode, Advanced Protection, allow brief exit and Re-lock after screen on.
  3. Magic Tab is something which makes it more interesting while using. It has three feature which are Hide AppLock, Random Keyboard and Cover. Enabling Hide AppLock would hide app icon from home screen as well as menu screen. Random Keyboard is numeric keyboard which randomly arranged to prevent others from peeping to ensure password security. Cover is also used to ensure security like it would show any of selected cover whenever anyone open the app which requires some tricks to open app.

App Lock

 Key Features – AppLock:

Application Lock: It allows you to lock all kind of application whether it is third party application or in-built application.

App Lock

Download AppLock Application From Here.

Photo & Video Vault: User can put as many picture and videos in vault as many they want to ensure privacy.

Invisible Pattern Lock: This app lock allows you to make pattern lock invisible. Invisible pattern lock ensure security for the application that no one can imagine.

App Lock

Well Designed Theme: AppLock is consist of so many themes. It has amazing collection of well designed theme that you can apply for making it super cool.

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App Lock

Time Lock: Time Lock is something which can really be consider as smart feature possessed by this app. You can set time to set particular profile which is saved by you. It allows to apply that saved profile at the set time.

App Lock

Location Lock: It allows you to lock location access for different Wi-Fi.

Hide APP LOCK: Hide AppLock is the most amazing feature of this application. It allows to hide application from everywhere, which means only you can access the application. It can be access only through domobile.com/applock/ domain or dial #(YourPassword) from dialer only.

PROs – AppLock:

  • Allow you to change Password even if you forgot your password.
  • It has customized background, so you can change background of the app.
  • It has already two profile i.e Unlock all and Guest mode (Lock some app).
  • This security app also provides to hide app lock icon from menu.
  • Allows you to lock Incoming calls.
  • It has power saving mode to save battery.

So friends, download the AppLock and ensure the security of your Smart phone. Protect your Private images and videos with AppLock. Set unlock mode as per your choice and lock as many application as you need or want. Also share any such app if you find more interesting. Do share your thoughts by commenting below in the comment section.

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