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3 Best IAS UPSC Application

Earning a Good salary and that too with the dignified post is so rare. Well, Minority of people can do that, as we all know ‘Success lies in Minority’. So, in order to achieve this success one needs to put so much of efforts and hard work. While it is fine to do so much of hard work and struggle, as to reach somewhere we have to start from somewhere. So, There is a gateway which helps aspirants Earning a Good salary at the respectable post. So, the Gateway is UPSC exams. We are very happy to serve our country in every way possible.  So to clear a UPSC exam is not a piece of cake. So to help you out and make it a piece of cake for you , we have got the 3 best IAS UPSC exam application. Lets Check these applications.

3 best IAS UPSC applications

The three Best IAS UPSC applications are :

  • IAS UPSC by CivilsDaily
  • Clear IAS

These are the three Best and the beneficial applications for the people aspiring to clear UPSC exams and Become an IAS. Well, lets check more about these applications and their features, which will help you in your preparations.

  1. IAS UPSC by Civils Daily

IAS UPSC is an application by Civils Daily, lets see what it has to offer the aspirants.

3 Best IAS UPSC Application

Key Features :

  • Works Offline : Application itself means that it can be used any time anywhere, but if it is Offline then it is a cherry on a cake. Yes, you can this application offline too, that means so much data saving.
  • Specific : While this Application is very much specific and contains only those stuffs which are helpful for you.
  • Daily Flash cards : This IAS UPSA application provides daily flash cards consisting of the news, and current affairs.
  • News Cards :  You can also make News cards available free. This can be done once you book Mark them.

3 Best IAS UPSC Application

This is all the IAS UPSC exams holds for you. You can download the IAS UPSC exam by civils Daily apllication From here.

2.Clear IAS

3 Best IAS UPSC Application

Clear IAS is the another Application which can help you in studying and preparing effeciently and effectively by providing following benefits through its features :

3 Best IAS UPSC Application

  • it carries Tips, strategies and study plan to help you clear all the level of IAS exam
  • You can easily access the UPSC study materials from the comfort of your mobile or tablet

3 Best IAS UPSC Application

  • UPSC syllabus for Prelims, Mains and Interview.
  • Mobile friendly layout that prevents your eyes from strain3 Best IAS UPSC Application
  • You can easily access All the major newspapers that includes regional newspaper too.

Well, you will need an internet connection to access this application. You can download the Clear IAS application from here 

3. IAS BABA – UPSC & IAS preparation

IAS BABA is an application for the aspirants aiming to cross the UPSC exam. This application has been initiated with the vision of enabling a person with quality education,located  at the most remote area. So lets check what all does this application has to offer you :


Key Features :

  • IAS baba’s dailyy current affairs – this application will provide you with the Daily news.
  • IASBaba’s monthly magazine – You can alos get the monthly magazine comprises of all the news and Geeneral awareness.
  • Motivational articles – In case, if you are looking to give up, IASABAA won’t allow you to do so, as it keeps on motiating you on a regular basis.

3 Best IAS UPSC Application

  • yojana  – Get you monthly preparation plan With IASBABA.
  • AIR- KNow about your AIR in the mock tests they provide, in a while.
  • Important articles – They will never miss out on any important articles and announcemnets.
  • 60 days plan – Daily prelims test
  • RSTV RAdio – Get access to all India radio
  • PIB (press Information Bureau)

These are the features provided by IASBABA – UPSC & IAS prearation, application. You can download the IASBABA application from here .

These all are the Best 3 IAS applications which can help you prepare well, to achieve your dreams. IF you know any such app please do mention it below with sum specifications, in the comment box provided at the end of the article.

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