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Don’t you get bore with your default Smartphone camera? Your answer may be yes or may be not. Actually, the thing is, generally, default camera of Smart phones are not featured with so many filters and beautifying effects. Right? we can not compromise with our selfies, no? So, we have found amazing app for Selfie lovers i.e B612. B612 Camera – Selfiegenic Camera.

Normally, smartphone cameras possess good quality but not all  the desired filters and beautifying effect in it. So for getting super cool selfies one may need to download any selfie camera application. We would like to recommend ‘B612 selfiegenic camera’ and pretty sure that you will find it amazing. So, it is worth using this camera. If you wanna know about this selfiegenic camera then just go through the entire article.

B612 Camera – Selfiegenic Camera:

There are a lot of good selfie apps on Google Play store for all the platform. The good thing is along with being a great selfie app, they are a great photo editing app too, which means you can click a selfie and get to edit it on the go. So here, we have also found one of the most amazing selfie camera app – B612 – Selfiegenic Camera for you people.

B612 Camera

B612 app lets you take selfies along with a view of real time effects on them and there are more than fifty filters in the app. It allows you to add beautiful as well as weird or horror mask to your selfies for making them more funny. The best part of this app is, it provides you so many dimensions for taking picture. Also it has different type of collage layouts in different dimensions. Unlike other selfie apps, it allows you to take pictures directly in the collage layout. Selfie Camera B612 also allows you to apply decorative background to your selfies. However, it also allows you to select picture from your gallery for applying filters.

B612 Camera

Key Feature – B612:

Let’s have a look over the key features of B612 App which are mentioned below:

Selfie Timer: Selfie timer helps you to adjust yourself while taking selfies. So, B612 allows you to set selfie timer.

B612 Camera

Touch mode: With touch mode, you are allowed to click picture just by tapping anywhere over the screen and not only at the capture button. You can switch it on or off according to your choice.

Filters: B612 selfie camera provides you with so many beautiful filters. You can apply these filters while taking pictures. Also it allows you to apply filters to your saved picture in the gallery that means you can edit any pictures.

B612 Camera

Funny Mask: Now a days, funny mask are trending specially among teens. So, it also provides you to download and apply funny mask while taking selfies. Moreover, apart from tiara, and other common mask, it also provide you so many weird and horror mask which add more fun to your selfie time.

B612 Camera

Different dimension for Selfies: Sometimes, we want different dimension for our selfies. So, B612 is featured with so many different dimension for pictures. It allows you to choose dimension of your choice while clicking pictures.

B612 Camera

Collage Frame: Along with different dimensions, it has so many collage frame layout in different dimensions. It saves your time of making collage as it allows you to click picture in your selected collage layout.

Adjust Level of brightness: While taking pictures, you can adjust the level of brightness according to your need.

B612 Camera

Download B612 camera application from Here.

Background Decoration: The most lovable feature of this selfie camera is its ‘Background Decoration’ Feature. This background decoration feature brings life to your boring background of selfie. However, it would require internet connection on so that you can download those theme.

B612 Camera

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PROs – B612:

  • With B612 selfie camera, you can click picture silently without shutter sound.
  • You can allow location info to be shown in picture.
  • You can switch on to add or remove B612 Mark for your selfies.

B612 Camera

  • It has Auto Save mode, You can switch it on or off according to your need.
  • It allows you to share pictures directly on social media platform.

B612 Camera

  • You can start B612 app with your LINE or FACEBOOK account or Sign up via email.

So guys, Have a fun with selfiegenic camera – B612 Camera app. Click selfies with so many beautiful and horror mask. Apply Your favorite filters easily by adding them in favorite section. Moreover, click your pictures in Blur frame mode or vintage mode. Do comment below and share your experience about B612 Camera app.

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