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Have you ever been irritated by snoopers? or wanna hide your App Lock? or if you need any secret app locker then go ahead with the article. yes, we have perfect solution for these problem. Now you can hide your private pictures, videos and documents with Calculator Vault – The Gallery Vault – Secret App Locker.

Generally, we hide our private data under any application locker or vault. But sometimes curious people try to inquire into the private affairs and always try to crack the password or uninstall your app locker to break the security. In result, either you lost your data or lost security. So now, you not need to be worry about that as there are so many secret vault. We have found one of the best secret vault for you, So go through the entire article and know how it becomes best Secret Vault.

Download Calculator Vault -The Gallery Vault – Secret App Lock from here.

Calculator Vault – The Gallery Vault – Secret App Locker:

The Secret app locker – Calculator Vault – The Gallery Vault is amazing app as it allow you to you hide all your private pictures, videos and files. It simply looks like a calculator app as it is designed with a view of secret app vault or locker. Calculator vault – Gallery vault would function as calculator until you enter secret password set to open the locker. So, this smart calculator vault would never let anyone knows that you have installed gallery vault or app locker in your mobile phone.


You can hide your private pictures, videos, data and lock application with undercover App Lock behind this mysterious Calculator. It allow you to set password for locker when you install the app in your mobile. Later you just need to enter password on the calculator screen to open the vault. Vault is available to import and hide the pictures and videos and documents. It also allow you to share, rename, move, delete and unhide your data from the vault.

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Under the Calculator Vault, it also provide app lock feature. With this, one can lock private applications by setting pattern or passcode for that. Moreover, it doesn’t only lock the application but also possess so many smart features like Intruder selfie, Fake Cover for app while one opens the app, Uninstall Protection and many more. So just have look at it’s smart features consist by Calculator Vault.


Smart Key Features – The Secret Vault:

Hide Pictures & Videos: Calculator Vault – The Gallery Vault allows you to hide your private pictures, videos and other files. Being a secret vault it ensures your data to be safe. You can keep your private stuff safe with this application. You just need to import from gallery and hide in the folder you want to put in. Moreover, you can directly capture the picture or record video from the Vault camera.


App Locker: Calculator Vault allow you to lock applications of your smartphone. It is hidden app locker that nobody can know about it. You can lock as many applications as you want. Also allows you to switch on or off for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.


Shortcut for the App Lock: Shortcut allows you to directly open the app lock without opening vault. For this, you need to enter the reverse password in your calculator.


Intruder Selfie: It’s smart intruder selfie feature allows you to know who has been trying to snoop into you private app. It capture the image of snooper and let you know with date and time.

Fake Cover App Lock: Feature of fake cover possess three different cover for the snoopers. If you enable this feature then Whenever anyone open the app, they would be shown that cover and not the enter password screen. As only you would know how to remove cover and open the app so it can be safe completely.


Uninstall  protection: It’s uninstall protection feature ensures that no other user or children accidentally uninstall calculator vault when switch is ON.

Finger Print Unlock: It also allow you to unlock app with finger if it detect suitable hardware in your phone. Along with Unlock with finger, it also allow to work password.

Face Down Lock: This is very amazing feature of this vault. Whenever you place your phone face down, app would automatically close and lock itself. You can also choose action for facing down phone from the given option. By enabling this feature you can opt any of among close app, open another app and open website.


Small App Size: It has very small app size comparative with other app locker. So one can easily keep it in phone without any storage issue.

Reset Password: Whenever you forgot your password, it always allows you to reset. For resetting the password, you would need to enter a number ‘11223344’ into the calculator which would take you to the recovery page. You can reset by answering recovery question.


PROs – The Secret Vault:

  • Allow to import any size of data to hide.
  • Looks simple Calculator app that no one recognize it’s reality.
  • Simple enough and safe to use.
  • Pictures, Videos and files; all have different folders and also allow you to create new folder.
  • Work as calculator until you have entered the locker password.
  • Allow to change Lock Background, Sound and Vibration mode for the app.


  • Recover password easily with simply enter the number “11223344” into the calculator.
  • Reset password easily by entering answer of your recovery question.
  • Apply different color of theme on the calculator.


CONs- The Secret Vault:

  • This application is ad supported. You may get pop-up ads while using the applications. Well, you can get rid of this problem as it is available in app-in-purchase.

So Friends, Download the Calculator Vault – The Gallery Vault – Secret Lock and hide your pictures, videos and documents from every one’s prying eyes. Do keep safe all your secret files with this application. Let nobody knows that you have hide something or installed any app locker or gallery vault. Do comment below in the comment section whether you liked this app not. Do share if you find any other application more interesting.

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