CamScanner – Phone PDF Creator – Scan Documents – Convert Doc into JPG

Now, It’s time to turn your device into a advance gadget. Have you ever been stuck at need of scanning documents and don’t have scanner? If yes and wanna turn your paper documents into digitize paper documents then go with one and only CamScanner – Phone PDF Creator – Scan Documents – Convert Doc into JPG. 


We are living in a Hi-Tech society where at every now and then we are needed to scan documents for any kind of purposes. Sometimes we need to scan images and documents for application form or for official purposes. Many times due to unavailability of scanner we have to delay our work which becomes unfair sometimes. So, isn’t it great and helpful if we turn our mobile phone into a portable scanner? Yeah it is possible on the go now, with one and only CamScanner Application. Just go through the entire article and know how amazingly it works.

CamScanner – Phone PDF Creator – Scan Documents – Convert Doc into JPG:

CamScanner is the customized application which turns your Smart Phone into a portable scanner. It is very simple digital solution for organizing documents in scanned form. CamScanner quickly scan documents of all kinds and auto-optimize the scan quality using its unique technology.


You simply need to snap a photo of paper documents, receipts, notes, whiteboards and business cards for scanning documents. For scanning documents, you can also import picture from gallery. Yo are also allowed to set camera while clicking pictures according to the need. The smart App, CamScanner will automatically crop and enhance the image, and make text easily readable. You can then save the document as a PDF or export it directly into your Social account.


It’s PDF creator possess so many special features. You can set PDF Password for security of your personal documents. It allows you to set PDF page orientation. Apart from this, User can choose PDF Page size also among the given option, and even you can add new page size. You can switch on or off to add Margin on PDF page.


Key Features of CamScanner:

Let’s see what are the features which makes CamScanner application more unique in it’s work. Here, we have mentioned below key features of CamScanner:

Capture and Scan Documents: With CamScanner, you can scan paper documents by clicking picture with it’s app camera. While taking picture, you can set camera setting according to you. So, it’s very simple that you just need to capture and scan documents.


ID Card Mode: In ID Card Mode, you can scanned your ID card like passport or Driving licence. In this mode, it bring both front and back side of your card at single A4 size paper.


QR Code Scan: It also allowed you to scan QR code. you can Sign-In to web app, by scanning on by Scan QR Code.

Import and Scan: You can also scan your documents from already clicked images. So for that, you can import images from gallery and scan your documents.


Set Tags: CamScanner has already set some tags for the grouping of scanned documents. So you can put scanned documents group wise and get them easily whenever needed. It has by Default tag which are Business card, ID Card, Note, PPT, and WhiteBoard. If you don’t indicate group for the document then it would be under ungrouped category. You are also allowed to add new tag category.


Rename files: You are always allowed to set name of documents according to you. Even, You can rename documents anytime.

Create PDF file: Whenever you scanned documents, it saved in doc form. you can create PDF File of your documents anytime. So with this, you can make PDF of scanned images. You just need to convert or save it as PDF file.


Convert Doc into JPG: It allows your doc documents to convert into JPG format.

Upload/Print/fax: With CamScanner, you can easily upload documents to our social media accounts. You can print/Fax documents easily with camscanner app.


Save to Gallery: generally, documents saved in camscanner app are not found anywhere else. so to view this saved file in gallery you have to save doc file to Gallery which can be view easily.

You can download the camscanner from here.

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Features for Premium Subscription – CamScanner:

  • Premium users are allowed to edit Recognized text of scanned images by Optical Character Reader (OCR) and notes of the entire doc and exporting as .txt file.


  • Subscribed users for premium are allowed to create Doc collage for multiple pages.
  • Premium account holders are allowed to create unlimited number of folders.
  • Subscribed users would be allow to add 10G cloud space.


  • Paid users can enjoy service without being disturbed by ads and allowed to save documents without watermark.
  • Premium users are allowed to add 40 extra collaborators.
  • Users are allowed to download batch PDF files in web app.
  • It has auto upload feature for docs to Box, Google Drive, Dropbox, Ever-note and one-drive.

PROs – CamScanner:

  • App is easily accessible in offline mode.
  • Easy enough to use for scanning documents.
  • Auto-optimize scan quality.
  • Share file and documents easily.
  • Saves group wise documents.
  • Sort documents by your choice among given option.

CONs – CamScanner:

  • CamScanner Application is ads supported.
  • It always put it’s official watermark on the scanned documents.
  • Some advance features are restricted to unregistered users.

You can get rid of these issues by becoming paid customer. Moreover, you will  enjoy more features also,In it’s premium version.

So friends, Download and use CamScanner. Try to do your work without being dependent. Scan your all documents with your virtual scanner. Moreover, Easily convert your Doc files into PDF and JPG format. Save image to the gallery directly. Share your views about this application by commenting below in the comment section.

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