Download Jio Health Hub App – Health tracker – medical profile

Download Jio Health Hub App - Health tracker - medical profile

Health is wealth. The saying goes very true with the today’s era. One can achieve anything with money but not health. Now a days people have a good economical condition. But these people don’t have a good health. Because they are not able to manage time in their busy schedule. So, being an Initiator Reliance had launched JIO. Along with it, Reliance had launched a bunch of applications. which Includes the jio Magazines , Jio news ,  jioChat ,  JIoMoney  and many more. So in lieu of these applications, we have JioHealthHub application. This application helps you in all you health related issues. Lets Check how Jio Health Hub App can help you to keep a track on your medical and health records.

Download Jio Health Hub App – Health tracker – medical profile

This app by jio is exclusively for jio users. It offers a lot of features to you, which eventually helps you in keeping a a record and track of your medical issues, or medical documents. If you are using this app, then you do not need to carry your documents every time. With this app you can  keep them safe in your phone. Lets check how it works.

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Download Jio Health Hub App - Health tracker - medical profile

Key Features – JioHealthHub App – Your Health tracker

  • Secure Storage and sharing
  • Anywhere Accessibility
  • Easy and automatic categorization
  • Auto retrieval
  • Easy visual access
  • Sharing
  • Medical Profile
  • Health Charts
  • Medical Images

You can Download jio health hub application from here 

Secure Storage And Sharing

Now you can save all your health related files in JIO health hub. This may include your medical images, prescriptions, medical bills,reports etc. The main benefit of it is that only you will have access to it, nobody else can access it. Hence, only you will be able to share it with your family members, your care taker or to your Doctor. Though these people can view your data but they can not make any changes to it. So, its great to have such an application, where you can share the information with a very tight control.

Anywhere Accessibility

All your data is saved to the cloud. While cloud is accessible from anywhere at anytime on your device, but with the secure credentials. That means you can carry your documents with you anywhere, without actually physically carrying them.

Easy And Automatic categorization

Any health data you upload, view or receive will automatically be stored in categorized folders. So it becomes easy to find the the data. Even if you are looking for the multiple unrelated files, you can easily find them as well. As, a central repository folder would be created known as ‘My health folder’. This folder will be automatically created as soon as you login to app and contains all the files that you have.

Auto Retrieval

Whenever you are visiting and getting the tests done or a report is generated at JIO’s health partner be it labs or hospitals , then it will be pushed to the app and your data is instantly available in the designated folder for anytime use.

Easy Visual Access

You should be able to easily find out the data and it should be good looking to our eyes. In jio health hub you will find a very clean interface with the very easy Visuals. So this will eventually help you easily find the data you are looking for.As in JIo health hub you will find the logo at every folder which will help you in differentiating the type of data any folder would be containing. All these are bound together at one page, such that you can go where you want.


With Jio health hub You can easily Share your records with your doctor relatives, as it is good to have second opinion. You can easily view the data shared with you.

Medical Profile

Jio Health Hub will allow you to maintain a handy profile. Also, This profile is customize able as per your needs. So you can fill anything related to your medical records be it basic information, or or major medical episodes including allergies, family history or history of previous illness.

Health Charts

With JioHealthHub, you have an option to track health parameters to easily view trends.

Medical Images

Also you can View X-Rays, MRI, CT scans on your phone. Getting a second opinion remotely on medical scans is easier than ever before.

That’s all Folks. While, These all are the features which you can easily access in Jio Health Hub app. If you have any queries then feel free to share with us by commenting below in the comment box provided. Use this advanced application by jio, and do share your experience with us by commenting in the comment box of the Download Jio Health Hub App – Health tracker – medical profile article.

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