Download Jio Security – your Security Partner – Jio App

Download Jio Security - your Security Partner - Jio App

As we all know, Along with Telecom Industry, Jio has made a debut in the digital market also. As we have said earlier, Jio has tried to cover all categories for mobile applications. We have discussed so many Jio apps. But if you are looking for any security app launched by Jio then yes, you are are at the right place. Here we have JioSecurity- Your Security partner by Jio. Download jio Security and protect your phone.

In this era of Digital Market and Internet, One should be aware of cyber crime also. As we all are concerned for our dear ones’ security, we should also make them aware of the crime through cyber. It is our responsibility to make people aware, because crime done in virtual world affects in real life. So being aware about cyber crime, one should also aware about its solutions. As we know, “safety is better than being sorry”. There are so many apps under the tag of safety and security. Jio has also launched its app under this category of safety and security that is JioSecurity app – Your Security partner by Jio.

Download Jio Security – Your Security Partner

Download Jio Security - your Security Partner - Jio App

JioSecurity app is launched by Reliance Jio Digital Services Private Ltd. This Security app by Jio – “JioSecurity” is one of the best application launched by Reliance Jio services. As mobile phone are our all time companion, we store many of our important data in it. we store lots of important stuff in phone like contacts, photos, emails, bank info, password, personal messages and what not. So, now we have it’s security guard, You can protect all your stuff with “The JioSecurity app”.

JioSecurity Anti Virus and award winning App Adviser are powered by “Norton by Symantec” protect you and your device 24×7. It identifies dangerous websites and scans downloaded apps, app updates, and Removable memory cards to detect threats. Along with detection, it also eliminate threats that are designed to steal your information for money or anything else.

More importantly, Jio Security provides proactive virus protection against risky apps that could:

Download Jio Security - your Security Partner - Jio App

  • Leak your personal information and content,
  • Use battery and data excessively,
  • Make your device to slow down.

Moreover, with JioSecurity app, you can get back your mobile device if it is lost ever. It lets you send a text to your device that sets off a “scream” alarm, so you can find it fast if you misplaced it. And if your mobile device is lost or stolen, you can remotely lock and locate it with a text or through any Web browser and even erase your all important stuff, if necessary.

It has amazing feature that with Single Subscription, we can protect 10 devices. Yes with a single subscription of JioSecurtiy app, you can Protect 10 devices. All you need is to Download the JioSecurity app and login using your Jio ID & password to protect all your devices with a single ID.

How to activate JioSecurity app:

Once you have installed JioSecurity app in your phone, then you need to activate it. Android And IOS both supports Jio Security App. You need to follow simple steps mentioned below to activate this security app:

  • If you access internet using Jio network, then you can simply go with “Skip Sign in” option to activate JioSecurity.
  • To access app in other network than Jio, then you need “Jio ID and Password” to login and activate JioSecurity app in your mobile.
  • If you are a new user, You need to go with signup option on login page to create Jio ID and Password. For this you need a valid Jio SIM number, although you can use and login with same ID and Password for up to 10 different devices.

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Smart Features of JioSecurtiy app:

  1. JioSecurity subscription can protect upto 10 mobile devices.
  2.  The primary device needs to have a Jio SIM, with valid Jio ID.
  3. You get the Jio ID when you download and register for My Jio app.
  4.  Use the same Jio ID and password on any non-Jio devices, to activate JioSecurity and protect them from digital threats.
  5. The rest of the devices need not be using Jio network.

This is all about the JioSecurity app.Download Jio Security App Use this app and protect your phones from virus. Do share your experience of JioSecurity app,  by commenting below in the comment box provided at the end of the Download Jio Security – your Security Partner – Jio App Article.

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