DOWNLOAD Facebook Application – Message – Call – Video Call

As we grow up we lose contacts with our friends as we all get busy in our life. Studies, jobs, business and other things in which we get involved, because of which we can’t keep a regular contact with our friends we can’t  talk to them like we used to do in high schools and college. so how about knowing about their how about , like what are they doing , where are they working, where they had been to the trip last time.  seems interesting, well!! you can know about your friend’s how about through a social media platform providing all these facilities. That is FACEBOOK. It has its own  Facebook application which is freely available for every operating system.

Facebook Application  :-


DOWNLOAD Facebook Application - Message - Call - Video Call FACEBOOK  aims to keep you up with your friends in the fastest way possible. It is the most used social media platform.

You can Download the Facebook application from here 

DOWNLOAD Facebook Application - Message - Call - Video Call

Many people are using Facebook, lately. Facebook is the application which lets you connect to people across the globe.   you can create your profile by simply signing up and can enjoy face booking . With Facebook you can do chat with people, show up your feelings, share with people what are you upto,where  you are travelling , where you are partying and same you will get to  know about your friends through their posts. Facebook is doing really great in terms of entertaining people when they are going through a boredom. people create their own pages and post funny stuffs, trolls, memes etc. there is everything you need to refresh your mind. As everyone need a power break from their regular chorus. Facebook is addictive, many people are addicted to Facebook, they can’t stay a day without scrolling news feed of Facebook.

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KEY FEATURES :-Facebook Application


  • Version –
  • downloads – 1,000,000,000+
  • size – 72.09 MB
  • rated – 4.0/5.


  • See what your friends are upto.
  • share updates, photos and videos on your wall.

DOWNLOAD Facebook Application - Message - Call - Video Call

  • Moreover, get instantly notified whenever anyone like or comment on your updates, photos, videos you have uploaded, tagged in  or shared.
  • Play online games on Facebook and download the applications you like.
  • Go live with Facebook
  • Do video Calling

Now get early access to the next version of Facebook for android by becoming a beta tester.

This is all about one of the finest social media platform across the globe. If you know any other such app  do let us know by commenting its name with few details in the comment box provided at the end of the DOWNLOAD Facebook Application – Message – Call – Video Call article.!!

Enjoy face booking and stay connected to your pals..!!!

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