My Jio App – Features and services

My Jio App is launched by 4G Reliance Jio Digital service Pvt Ltd.This app is perfect and smart to manage your jio account.  MyJio app is launched with vision of “jio Digital Life”. MyJio app acts as a gateway app for all other jio app offered by Reliance Infocomm ltd. Here are My Jio App – Features and services.

My Jio app is available for free to download on both Android and iOS operating System. However, official app for windows mobile is yet to be released as per Reliance infocomm ltd. similarly, we cannot download or install MyJio app for PC as it is designed for android & iOS operating system. Using MyJio app you can manage your jio account, services and get access suit of other jio app, view real-time account balance & usage and link multiple jio account. If you are having old version, you can update it from play store anytime.

Features and Services provided by MyJio App

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In order to access MyJio app, First you need to download and install MyJio apk. when you are done with downloading, it will install and start with welcome screen showing various Jio apps. you will get all Jio app from one Place inside MyJio app.

My Jio App – Features – services

MyJio app comprises 15 jio apps: myJio, JioCinema, JioMags, JioMusic, JioXpressNews, JioChat, Jio4GVoice, JioMoney, JioNewsPaper, AJio, JioSecurity, JioCloud, JioTV, NetVelocity, JioNet, JioSwitch.

A brief to My Jio Apps

MyJio app: MyJio app has auto login Feature. when you open MyJio app, it will start with a Quote “welcome to Your Digital Life”.  you can signup or skip the option that is requested while opening the MyJio app. you can recharge your account and linked account. you can check your account balance , validity and payment history. you can have your recent voice, data, SMS, video usage over network. you can manage your profile.

Features and Services provided by MyJio App  Features and Services provided by MyJio App  Features and Services provided by MyJio AppFeatures and Services provided by MyJio App   Features and Services provided by MyJio App

JioCinema:  JioCinema is also known as JioOnDemand app. It contains HD Movies, Trailers, news, TV shows, & music videos. you can download movies or shows and add to your watch list and can watch it later on any device.

JioMags: JioMags provides premium and popular Magazines.

JioMusic : Jio Music or JioBeats provides you with latest and evergreen HD songs. you can download songs and  you can play it offline too. you can create your own playlist.

JioXpressNews:  JioXpressNews provides you news in your local language form 100s of source. you can read  news offline too by downloading it.

JioChat: JioChat is social platform which allows you to connect your friends just like whatsapp messenger. with this app you can have free audio/video calls, and chat.

Jio4GVoice:  with this you can experience true 4G HD voice and Video calling. use Jio4GVoice with a Jio SIM either in the mobile or in a LYF powered by Jio-Fi connected to your 2G/3G device.

JioMoney: JioMoney is launched for experience of cash-free living. you can shop online or in stores, make bills payment, transfer Money, and grab exclusive offers by using it.

JioNewsPaper: JioNewsPaper will avail you 200+ Indian and Regional Newspaper in 10+ languages.

AJio:  AJio app is launched for stylish shopping experience.

JioSecurity: JioSecurtiy is helpful from millions of malicious apps. using this you can secure your personal details and your online transactions. using this app you can locate your missing or stolen mobile phone as well.

JioCloud: By using JioCloud app you can back-up of all your photos, music,video,and documents.

JioTV: you can catch live TV shows and movies on JioTV app. It includes 400+ TV channels including 60+ HD channels spread across 15 languages and 10 genre. now you can watch TV anytime, anywhere. you can set reminder for upcoming shows.

NetVelocity: This app is to create to test your real time internet speed and network status.

JioNet: By using this you can locate and connect to the nearest JioNet hotspot. once you login, you get auto connected to super fast Wi-Fi Network.

JioSwitch: JioSwitch is fastest way to transfer data between phones. It also support transfer between android and iOS without any limit of size of data.

Use this app to locate and connect to the jio hotspot ,transfer data fast like never before and for many more exciting features and do share your ‘Digital Life’ experience by commenting in the comment box.

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