Find your own mobile number on iPhone

Find your own mobile number on iPhone

In this Internet of things world every mechanism become so speedy that we forget the minute stuffs. Everybody is actively engaged in chasing their life.  And there are many times when we forget our own mobile number. Conceivably you bought new sim or just moved to new service operator. So today I am gonna discuss about the steps of How to Find your own mobile number on iPhone without using USSD codes. This post is helpful when you are not in network coverage area or poor network connection.


Find your own mobile number on iPhone

You can find your phone number by 2 ways

  • By using USSD codes of Telecom operators
  • And by find your own mobile number on iPhone itself

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Find your own mobile number on iPhone itself

You can find your mobile phone number on iPhone by three ways.

Option 1

It is the simplest way, Just tap on Settings from Home Screen of your iPhone. This whole process take few seconds.

  • Tap on Settings
  • Settings screen will open, scroll down and select or tap on Phone
  • When you select Phone then your number will be visible on the top.
  • Screen are shown below.

Find your own mobile number on iPhone

Option 2

It is more easy method then option 1.

Open the phone app, Tap the contacts and you get my number on the Top. In some iPhone this is not visible then choose option 1 for finding your mobile phone number.

Option 3

You can also find phone number by  choosing Apple ID in setting. If above 2 options not work then opt the 3rd.

Tap on Settings >> Select Apple ID >> In Apple ID tap on Name, Phone Number as shown in below iPhone screen.

In Name, Phone Numbers, Email Screen you get your mobile phone number.

If above three options doesn’t work then you get your phone number using iTunes also. But I am sure this condition will never come. These methods are best when you are low network area or in no service area. Also applicable when you are out of your native country.

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