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Google Assistant

There are times when we forget some really important tasks to accomplish. We feel like having someone to remind us every task. Which practically is not possible, all the time. So, in that case we feel like putting up the remainder for every task scheduled. Which again is not as easy as it sounds. So, here we are to introduce you with an app, that can give you a sigh of relief. The app  Google Assistant – An assistant for all your needs can help you out to remember all your schedules.

Google Assistant – An assistant for all your needs

Usually google assistant is available in most of the phones. while this app provides next level assistance. It allows you to quickly access your google assistant by one tap. you can still access google assistant by pressing and holding your home button or by simply saying ‘ok google’.

Here is the link to download app from playstore.

Google Assistant

Be it sending birthday wishes, remembering scheduled dinner dates, paying bills, or anything. Google assistant will help you out through all the things. 

What all you can do with Google assistant:

  • Make quick calls ( call John)
  • Send Text Message(‘ Send Boss meeting is done)
  • Set Reminders ( Remind me to buy Jordan’s birthday gift)
  • Ask your assistant to take a selfie
  • Get navigations
  • Ask for news
  • Play music (play Taylor Swift)
  • Set calendar events ( Set a calendar event for concert on this weekend)

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Not only this, Google assistant will help you out with so many other thing. with google assistant, you can –

  • Ask for Jokes (Tell me a Joke )

Google Assistant

  • set Jokes schedule (Subscribe)

Google Assistant

  • Talk when you need someone to talk

Moreover, there are already 1 million people using this amazing app. Rated – 4.2.

So folks, this is all about the Google assistant app. Share your experience of using Google assistant app. You can share your views by commenting below in the comment box of the Google Assistant – An assistant for all your needs article.

Author: akshay upadhyay

He is an Entrepreneur and Professional Blogger, who has tremendous passion for innovative application and developing them, like Video Waker. You can follow him on Google Plus.