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How to Share Airtel Internet connection with others – Family plan

Airtel customer would be delighted to know that they can now share their internet connection with their friends and family. You might have seen the TV advertisement of same. Airtel is one of the Indian Telecom Multinational telecommunication company which provides many services like GSM network, 2G, 3G and 4G services worldwide.

Airtel Data share plan is introduced in India which only the Customers of Airtel can take the benefit. Let me provide you step by step process to activate Airtel Family data sharing plans and would also make you aware of the simple terms and condition which they have put up for those
who are opting for this plan.

Activate and Share Airtel Internet Connection with Others:

1.) Firstly you need to visit the official Airtel myfamily link  and enter the valid Airtel Number. Once entered press “Go” html button which will provide you a One Time password i.e (OTP) on your mobile number.

2.) Enter the OTP in the input box the website and click on “family data sharing plan on your mobile”.

How to Share Airtel Internet connection with others - Family plan

How to Share Airtel Internet connection with others – Family plan

This step is absolutely free and any Airtel mobile operator can perform the above task. This step would makes you eligible to share internet pack with family or friends.

3.) Add at-least one mobile along with your data in your plan. You can also download the Airtel application from where you can also activate data share plan.

Some Important Terms and condition which you should be aware of before opting to share internet data plan with friends and family:

  • This data sharing is only for 3G or 4G data and not for 2G data sharing.
  • You can add upto 5 members including yourself, which should use same network i.e Airtel and should be in same circle.
  • A member cannot create more than one family simultaneously and a member can be a part of only one group at one time.
  • and many more… which can be looked over from here.

An added user to data sharing plan, can remove himself or herself at any point of time by sending SMS <DEL><space><10 digit number> to 121 or by logging on to www.airtel.in/family.

Definitely this plan will benefit you by ensuring minimal data wastage and Share data, money and love with others. Hope this post helped you.

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