iPhone Usb Tethering – Share iPhone Internet with windows

Hey Guys I love travelling and as I am an engineer so always lugging laptop during travel. In this article I will cover everything you need to know about jumping online while traveling, whether that means paying a cellular provider for a Wi-Fi connection in your pocket. Sharing a connection this way is called tethering or using a portable hotspot. An iPhone can be used as a tethered modem which may be connected to your computer wirelessly, or with a USB cable. This will allow you to share your computer’s internet connection with your iPhone for improved connectivity.

Connect to Personal Hotspot with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or USB

You can connect to a Personal Hotspot using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or USB. Wi-Fi will be the most popular way of connecting, but is insecure if you don’t use a strong password–so make sure you set one. It’s also very easy to connect to, needing only to enter said password once, and almost as fast as USB.

Share iPhone Internet via Wifi

iPhone Usb Tethering – Share iPhone Internet with windows

Connecting via USB is by far the easiest method to tether your phone. Of all the methods, USB is the fastest but most inconvenient, requiring your iPhone to be physically connected to the computer. Still, it’s super simple to set up, requiring zero configuration.

First, open the Settings app and tap “Personal Hotspot” to access the Personal Hotspot settings.iPhone Usb Tethering - Share iPhone Internet with windows

As long as you have your Personal Hotspot turned on, all you need to do is plug your phone in with a USB cable and you should be good to go.

On our Window’s network adapters, we can see “Apple Mobile Device Ethernet”. For connection tap on it.

iPhone Usb Tethering - Share iPhone Internet with windows

Disconnect devices

To disconnect a device, turn off Personal Hotspot, turn off Bluetooth, or unplug the USB cable from your device.

Benefits of USB Tethering

Tether your phone to your computer with a USB cable (which gets you the added benefit of charging the battery). It’s also very easy to connect to, needing only to enter said password once, and almost as fast as USB.

Wi-Fi is clearly the clear choice for most of your hotspot connections. There’s little reason to choose Bluetooth due to it’s slow speeds, unless of course, that’s your only choice available–like if your Wi-Fi adapter is acting flaky and you can’t find a USB cable.

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You can also go online while travelling. If you’re flying within the US, you’ll be happy to know that in-flight Wi-Fi has become fairly common, although it’s not free and not available for all routes.

Bear in mind that Wi-Fi on planes, trains, and busses is in its infancy and may not work perfectly. You may experience slowness or connection drops during some parts of your journey, so don’t plan on nailing that crucial frag in a championship gaming round while you’re in transit.

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