Download Jio Chat – Free Video call – Voice call – SMS

Jio Chat – Free Video call – Voice call – SMS. Recently, Reliance Jio enter the Digital Market and launched so many applications under various tags. It has also launched it’s messaging app under the tag of social media. So here we are with the “Jio Chat – The Messenger application”. 

Download Jio Chat - Free Video call - Voice call - SMS

Few months back, Reliance Jio entered the Telecom Industry and Digital Market. With it’s debut in the industry, It has changed the dynamics of the market. In Digital Market it has launched it’s so many applications and tried to cover almost categories. So, In the era of internet, where everyone likes to be socialize through Social media or messaging app, How is it possible that Jio does not introduce it’s messaging app. Instant Messaging app, “Jio Chat” is designed with many smart features. It is worth using it’s messaging application. So, have a look at it and it’s feature that how it is different from others.

Download Jio Chat - Free Video call - Voice call - SMS

Jio Chat – Free Video call – Voice call – SMS

‘JioChat’ is an efficient way to stay connected with your loving ones. It enables you to connect with friends via messaging along with free audio and video calls. With Jio Chat, You can experience higher efficiency in your day to day communication. It enhance your messaging, high quality voice & video conferencing experience.

Download Jio Chat - Free Video call - Voice call - SMS

JioChat Messenger is the most convenient way to connect with your friends. It is the easiest and cheapest way to chat with your friends. You can express yourself in a funny way with instant videos, stickers, doodle and emoticons. It allow you to connect with up to 5 users at a time with JioChat through audio or video conference calls.


JIo Chat also allow you to follow top exclusive brand channels to stay updated. This messenger app also provide you bite-sized video stories to enjoy, from top publishers. You can send your query and get immediate reply from the channels.

Download Jio Chat - Free Video call - Voice call - SMS

It keeps you updated with latest promotions and customized offers from various channels. This features makes it completely different from other messenger app. Even, You can easily switch from voice to video calling, without any disconnecting aspect makes it top of every one.

Download Jio Chat - Free Video call - Voice call - SMS

This JIO messenger connects for free across any mobile data connection or Wi-Fi, “no matter where in the world you are.” Along with Photos, videos, Documents, messaging, voice note, emoticons, and stickers, it also allow to share location and contact information. You can create your own profile and edit time to time where you will have your QR code also.


JIo chat Download – Free of Cost

Jio Chat can be downloaded for free of cost from App Store or Google Play Store. The account activation is quite straightforward and the process is very similar to that of WhatsApp and others. If the contact you are calling is not a Jio Chat user, the app offers you to make a call using your regular telecom service provider. Reliance Jio offers 100 SMS messages free per month to let you send messages to non Jio Chat users in a hope that they’ll convert into Jio Chat users.


It is completely secure application. Your messages are encrypted end to end. For further security and privacy, it allows you to block the contact also. You can also manage chat setting for the notifications by enable or disable the options. Along with notifications, you can enable or disable read receipt and your last seen also.


Jio Chat’s unique feature of Voice assistance provide you to access smartly. You can head to it through setting also. simply you need to shake your phone to activate voice assistant feature. once it is activated, you can use commands like call Sameer, send message to sameer, open channels.

Download Jio Chat - Free Video call - Voice call - SMS

Smart Features – Jio Chat – Free Video call – Voice call – SMS

May be you can think, i already have similar apps why should i care for this? But, once if you read the features of this app, you will surely change your opinion. The features which it possess, make it top of all the apps:


  • Share Files: Through this messenger app, you can share files of any format i.e. PDF, doc, XIS, mp3, apk, up to 100MB. It allows you to share photos, videos, instant videos, documents, stickers, voice notes, emoticons, contacts and location as well.

Download Jio Chat - Free Video call - Voice call - SMS

  • Rich Messaging: With Jio chat, You can exchange text messages instantly. It also you allow you to send voice note. You can make messaging interesting with funny stickers and doodles. It is the easiest and cheapest way to chat with your friends.


  • Share funny stickers: This messenger app is comprises of over 1000+ fun stickers represents diverse flavors of India. you can download stickers from the sticker store.


  • Create Group: Through jio Chat, You can create a group of friends up to 500 members. No other messenger allow to create a group with such a large number of people. So, by creating group of your friends you can stay connected together.

Download Jio Chat - Free Video call - Voice call - SMS

  • Voice and Video conferencing: Jio Chat allows you to connect with up to 5 friends through audio or video conference. Yes just like Skype, you can make conference on audio or video calls with your friends.


  • Make doodles: While chatting or messaging through Jio Chat, it allow you to make Doodles and create your own art. You can show your creativity by making funny doodles which is quite interesting.
  • Choose language: Jio Chat supports multiple Indian languages. It is available in 10+ Indian regional languages. Along with English and Hindi, It supports Marathi, Gujarati, Bangla, Udia, Punjabi, Telugu, Assamese and many others.


  • Branded channels: You can follow branded channels on Jio chat which keep you updated with current offers and gifts vouchers. Top exclusive brand channels even reply you on Jio Chat for query made to it on Jio messenger.


  • Offline Message: It suggest you to send message normally also if there is no internet connection to your friend and the Dial pad in it allows you to call via Jio chat or by using normal calling function. For offline messaging, there is a particular limit of 100 MSG per month. You can also invite your friends to JioChat.

Download Jio Chat - Free Video call - Voice call - SMS

  • Money Transfer: Using, Jio Chat you can transfer money to other’s account. For this, you would need to link your JioMoney app with Jio Chat account. Then you can transfer money by just one click.

Download Jio Chat - Free Video call - Voice call - SMS

  • Personalization: From setting, you can personalize your messenger app according to your choice. You can set font size, change theme and change chat Background color.


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So try and have a enhanced experience of messaging with ‘Jio Chat – The instant messaging app’. Do comment below and let us know your thoughts on Jio Chat. For other applications of Jio, You can head to other articles of Jio apps which are MyJio app, Jio TV, JioCinema, JioMags, JioXpressNews, JioNewsPaper, JioMoney and JioMusic.

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