JIO Cloud Application – Download – Files storage – Data in Your Pocket

Jio cloud Application

We all want our data to be safe and secure. Moreover, we all want our data safe and secure at one place. As we know Reliance has been very vigilant about the customers needs. So have they launched JIO. While they had launched Jio, along with it Reliance has also launched MY jio App. This My JIo app consists of various Applications of JIo like JIO news , JIO Mags, Jio Health Hub App, Jio Security App .  In a lieu to these applications there is One more , that is JIO cloud application.

JIO Cloud Application – Download – Files storage – Data in Your Pocket

Jio cloud Application

Now a days everyone uses Cloud storage, and like every time Reliance has taken the utmost care of its customer’s needs. As we all need to store our data at one place, so the Cloud storage has became a need for every person. So along With JIo Reliance had launched some Applications also. Those bunch of applications include Jio Cloud also. So, Lets know more about the  features it offers to its users.

You can download the Jio cloud application from here 

Jio cloud Application

Key Features 

  • Backup
  • Access
  • Share
  • organize
  • Contacts
  • Restore
  • Remotely logging out

Jio cloud Application

Lets Discuss These features individually :


Jio cloud Application

Jio Cloud will automatically backup all your files, data.


Also It Allow you to simply access your files from your Mobile or PC.

Jio cloud Application


Moreover, you can share your file and data irrespective of its size, With anyone by a secure link.

Jio cloud Application


You can organize your data according to you. You can smartly organize your Photo videos and music by creating Folders.


It will sync your contacts to the JIO cloud Address book.


Also, All your contacts will be automatically restored to your new Phone.

Jio cloud Application

Remotely Logging out

Moreover, You can Keep your data safe by remotely logging out when you lose your device or forget to sign out from a public device.

Also, You can Access your files stored in Jio cloud, from anywhere and  share it with anyone. While keeping your data safe ad secure.

Well, This is all about the JIo cloud Application. So Folks, Use Jio cloud application and share your experience with us by commenting below in the  comment box of Jio cloud application article.

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