mAadhaar – Carry your Aadhaar in your Smartphone – an Android App

Now you can carry your Aadhaar in your smartphone. Yeah, you read it correct. Aadhaar card is sole identification proof for every citizen in our India that is must have document for everyone. So UIDAI launched mAadhar App which allows you to carry your Aadhaar in your smartphone. Go ahead and know what is the mAadhaar app? What is the purpose behind mAadhaar app? Also know what are the benefits of having mAadhaar app. mAadhaar – Carry your Aadhaar in your Smartphone – an Android App.


Download the mAadhaar app from here.

mAadhaar – An Android App:

mAadhaar is launched by Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). As we know UIDAI functions under the planning commission of India, and manages all Aadhar Number and Aadhar identification card. So, it has took new step for citizen of India, so that we people can carry our Aadhar in our smartphones. Now, mAadhaar is official mobile application which provides an interface to Aadhaar Number Holders to carry their demographic information as linked with their Aadhaar Number such as Name, Date of Birth, Gender & Permanent Address along with photograph in their smart phones.


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When you start accessing the app, it will be first asked to create a password. This password is important and you should pick a unique, complicated one. This password would be required every time whenever you wish to carry out any action on the app. After you have created the password, the next page takes you to enter your Aadhaar card Number. Once you are done with that, a verification code is sent to your registered mobile number and your Aadhaar data gets synced. The mAadhaar app allow users to share their profile and information with third party application via bar code, and QR code.



How to get mAadhaar App:

mAadhaar App is available for free to download on Google Play-store. As of now it is only available for android users, but soon it will be launched for other platform also. Just be careful while searching the application on play-store and make sure that it is mAadhaar, so that you don’t end up downloading any fake app. Also note down before downloading that the developer name is UIDAI.

PROs –

  • Allows you to carry your Aadhar information in your smartphone.
  • Allows you to update your Aadhar profile by sending update request.
  • User can view and share updated Aadhar profile via QR code.
  • It enables you to share eKYC i.e electronic know your customer details with service provider like bank, telecom operator and many others.
  • mAadhar has Time-based OTP (one time password) feature instead of SMS-based OTP.

So, Download the App now and never miss anything just because of unavailability of Aadhar card with you. Now share eKYC details instantly with your service providers. Do share your thoughts about this app by commenting below in the comment section.

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