MP3 Cutter and Merger Application – Cut and Mix Audio files – procedures – features

Do you ever have a wish to create a ringtone of your choice by yourself? Or wanna try to create a song of your choice by cutting or merging audio files? If so, then you would have need perfect assistance for that. Right? So, here we are with the one stop solution of cutting and merging songs, with the one and only MP3 Cutter and Merger App – Cut and Mix Audio files. Also know how to use this app and about its key feature.

Music Lover always want something new, creative and innovative in their music. But it is bit difficult to do as every one doesn’t have full knowledge about it. Well, with android app you can edit any song of your choice. Doesn’t matter you are a good singer or not?, have a knowledge of music software or not? you can play with audio wave form easily. Yeah, you read correct. It is as simple as playing games. So here we have one of the best Audio File Cutter and Merger. Go through the whole article and know how it becomes best.

Download the MP3 Cutter and Merger App from here.

MP3 Cutter & Merger – Cut and Mix Audio files:

No doubt there are so many applications under the category of audio cutter and mixture at google play store. But MP3 Cutter and Merger App is well customized app and possess easy to use qualities and functions. MP3 Cutter and Merger App act as Audio Cutter, Merger and Player as well. So, It means MP3 cutter and Merger allows you to cut the song, Combine two songs to make a fusion to rock on.

MP3 Cutter and Merger App provides you different window to complete both function of cutting and merging separately. Even you can view list of trimmed audio audio file and merged audio file separately under their folders in the app. Moreover, Other than downloaded audio files, you can also edit your recorded audio files saved on your device. It allows you to select audio files for editing from your own music library.

This app allow to use its audio files as per your choice. You can make it Ringtone, Alarm Tone, Notification Tone and also allowed to assign to particular contact. Lets have a look at how to use this app for cutting and merging files and what so special features it possess.

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How to use MP3 Cutter & Merger App to Cut and Mix Audio files:

MP3 Cutter and Merger App is very easy to use. To cut and merge audio files, you just need to follow steps given below:

  • First of all, download the MP3 Cutter and Merger App from the google play store.
  • Open the app, you will find four folder – MP3 Cutter, MP3 Merger, Trimmed Tones and Merged Tones.

MP3 Cutter

  • So it is very easy to understand. It’s all up to you what you want to do. If you want to Cut the Audio file, go to the MP3 Cutter. If you want to Merge the songs, You should go with MP3 Merger. Go to the trimmed or Merged folder if you want to view or play the list.

MP3 Cutter:

  • When you click on MP3 Cutter, you will open the list of your music library and you are now ready to edit audio files.

MP3 Cutter

  • Just search by name and select audio file by tapping on it. It will leads you to the cutter page.
  • Now you just need to touch and drag the start marker to set the points for the ringtone.

MP3 Cutter

  • Then touch and drag the end marker to set the ending point for the ringtone.
  • You can use + and – sign also to set time window. Even you are allowed to put start time and end time manually also.
  • You can play the selected part from the same page.
  • Once you are done with your editing part, you can save the audio file by clicking on the icon provided at the bottom left bar of the page.

MP3 Cutter

  • As soon as you click on save icon, It will ask you to change the title if you want.

MP3 Merger:

  • To merge two audio files, you need to open the folder of MP3 Merger.
  • It will open the window, in which you can select track 1 and track 2 from your own music library.

MP3 Cutter

  • Next you require to give the name to the output file.

MP3 Cutter

  • Then start Merging two audio files by tapping on the Start button.

Key Features of MP3 Cutter & Merger:

Separate Function: MP3 Cutter and Merger have different folders for different function. It has four folder of MP3 Cutter, MP3 Merger, Trimmed Tones and Merged Tones. So, each function is separated by different folders.

Audio file cutter: With this app, you can cut any type of audio file. You can select its start point and end point.

Fusion Maker: With this app, you can also merge your favorite audio file and create your own innovative music.

Title for output audio: It allows you to give title to the output file. so you can set title of edited files according to you.

Search audio file: As it shows the list of music library of your phone to edit audio files, so you can easily search by name for your desired song without getting irritated by scrolling.

Access file from app: Under the folder of Trimmed Files and Merged Files, You can access entire list of edited files directly from the app.

MP3 Cutter


File Location: While you save your edited files, you can see the location of file in your device.

MP3 Cutter

Share audio files: You can share song directly from the app. It support almost social media platform, do you can share directly.

MP3 Cutter

Use Audio for different purpose: When you click on the file, it shows so many options for the file. So, you can use audio file as Notification tone, Ringtone and Alarm tone.

MP3 Cutter

PROs – MP3 Cutter & Merger – Cut and Mix Audio files:

  • Create your own Ringtone.
  • Make fusion of songs by merging two audio files.
  • Cut the audio files as per your choice.
  • Application can be moved to your SD Card.
  • Save files name of your choice.
  • Access trimmed and merged audio files directly from the player of app.
  • View list of trimmed and merged audio files separately.
  • Use audio file as ringtone, alarm tone, notification tone and contact ring.
  • MP3 cutter and Merger both works separately.

CONs – MP3 Cutter & Merger – Cut and Mix Audio files:

  • well, nothing can be perfect all the time so while using this application you may come across pop-up ads.

So friends, Doesn’t matter you are music lover or not, i am sure you will definitely enjoy this application. So just Download the app and make ringtone of your choice. Also do something unique and interesting by creating new audio with it’s merging audio files feature. Do comment below this article and share your thought about the application.

Author: akshay upadhyay

He is an Entrepreneur and Professional Blogger, who has tremendous passion for innovative application and developing them, like Video Waker. You can follow him on Google Plus.