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Set Jio caller tune

Caller tune has always been considered as a luxury, and so was the 3G/4G net pack. But since the day JIO has entered in our lives, all the aforementioned luxuries does not seem luxury any more. The day JIO made its entry, Every other person has saved their pocket. Now even setting caller tune is also not a Luxury. Wandering how?? This all is possible because of JIO. As we know that Jio has introduced ample of applications, out of which one is JIO Music. Hence you can Set Jio caller tune on Jio number for free. Wow!! Earlier it was a luxury and now it is available for free. Now what more you can ask for?? Lets see the procedure to set caller tune on jio number for free.

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Set Caller tune on Jio number for free – Set Jio caller tune

A caller tune that can be set for free on jio number is also known as Jio tune. There are two procedures to  set a Jio tune. First is Through Jio music and another is by message. Lets Check out the procedure to set Jio tune through JIO music app.

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Set Jio Tune By JIO MUSIC 

To set a Jio tune for your jio number through JIO Music, Follow the below mentioned procedure:

Set Jio caller tune

  • Download Jio Music application from play store
  • Skip the Sign In process; You will be logged in directly to the JIO music app

Set Jio caller tune

  • You can see the various categories of songs

Set Jio caller tune

  • Search for your favorite song which you want to set as a jio tune

Set Jio caller tune

  • Select and open the song from result

Set Jio caller tune

  • Open the song window and Click on “Set as Jio tune”

Set Jio caller tune

  • A pop up will show up, there again click on “Set as Jio tune”

Set Jio caller tune

  • Now the JIo tune for your jio number has been set

Download Jio music app from here.

You will receive a message and mail once the Jio tune is active.

Set Jio Tune Through Message 

Follow the below mentioned steps to Set Jio tune through message.

  • Create a new message Type JT and send it to 56789

Set Jio caller tune

  • Now you will receive a message, Reply by typing the respective number
  • If you want to search for a specific song then you can reply with the first three words of the song; you can also search for the movie, Album and Singer; for example if you want to search for a movie then reply with MOVIE< Movie Name>, and so on for Album and singer
  • Reply with the Number of your selection

Set Jio caller tune

  • Now at last you will receive a message that your request has been received; now you need to reply with ‘Y’ to the message you will asking for the confirmation
  • Now the jio tune for your jio number has been set

You will receive a message and mail once the jio tune is active.


Deactivate Jio tune services

While using JIO tune services, if you feel like deactivating the JIO TUNE service, you can do so by following below mentioned steps:

  • SMS STOP to 56789
  • You will receive a message for confirmation asking you to  reply with 1
  • Type 1 and send it to 56789

Set Jio caller tune

  • Your JIO Tune services mill be deactivated

The jio tune you set will be valid for 30 days only, while you can change the Jio Tune in between and that will also be for free of charge

So folks this is how you can Deactivate the jio TUNE SERVICES And can  Set Jio caller tune for free.  share your feedback in the comment section of the comment box provided at the end of the Set Jio caller tune for free article.

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