Setup iPhone, iPad Truecaller app in iOS device

Setup iPhone, iPad Truecaller app in iOS device

A Swedish company developed Truecaller App. It helps you identify unknown calls and block spam calls.Knowing who is calling your mobile phone is an important part of communication. It helps you notify the call before you answer. If you owns iPhone, then due to the limitation of iOS it has different setup method when compared to android phones. But now iPhone or ipad users also can use truecaller on iphone  new version with iOS 10.1 and above. After installing your truecaller app from Appstore, follow this steps to make iPhone, iPad Truecaller app to work properly.

How to Setup iPhone, iPad Truecaller app in iOS device

Truecaller is a feature rich app that can identify unlisted numbers even while you’re not connected to the internet. In addition to blocking spammy and unwanted calls, Truecaller now has a block SMS feature as well. Block unknown callers and texts and gain the rewards of an active community that updates their spam database day-to-day.

Step 1.)  First go to the Appstore and download Truecaller App. Follow permission screen lists all the options Truecaller needs to access to scroll through and tap “ACCEPT


Step 2 Now Truecaller will install on you iPhone, this may take a moment . when the installation is complete, tap the green button “open”.

Step 3 Follow the screen, review both privacy policy and terms of service.

Step 4  Choose login mode either through  facebook or register

Enable Truecaller for spam identification – iPhone, iPad Truecaller

Due to Apple restrictions, truecallerfor iPhone works a bit differently than its counterpart on Android.To get the ultimate spam call protection, you will want to set up spam identification in your phone settings. Following screen shown when truecaller app get installed.Truecaller

  • Tap on Open Settings ,  Settings screen is below in iOS screen. Choose phone option.enable truecaller in IOS
  • After tap on Phone, below screen will come.  Select Call Blocking & Identifiction.

enable truecaller in iOS

  • Call Blocking & Identification will come, shown below.
  • Enable Truecaller Now say bye bye to Spam and Unwanted Calls without picking it up.

enable truecaller in iOS

Why isn’t Truecaller Caller Id working on my iOS device or iPhone?

There are many reasons why truecaller is not working on iOS device or iPhone or not be able to identify an incoming call for you:

  • Your Truecaller app has been force quit and is running in the background.
  • You have no data connection or connectivity.(connection lost)
  • Your call is coming from a Non-Truecaller Users.
  • For iPhone caller: Needs to be initiated from inside the Truecaller app,Widget or Action extension. Caller ID might not work if battery level is to low.

Things you Didn’t Know about the Truecaller App feature for iOS

  • Availability– With the Truecaller App, you can check if the person you’re about to call is busy or available before making the call.
  • Flash Messaging-  Ever in a situation where you need to reach out to someone but can’t text or call, with Truecaller Flash Messaging, you can quickly send predefined texts, Like ” I am on my way”, “see you soon” or even share your location etc. to any truecaller user.
  • Video Call with Google Dua on the Truecaller app– This updates enables users to launch a Dua video call with a single tap within the Truecaller app and can switch between WiFi and cellular data for uninterrupted conversation on-the-go.

Can someone know if I searched them on Truecaller App ?

If you just search for a number, the person won’t get notified about the same. Truecaller app is a user based phonebook. Basically Truecaller data is crowd-sourced from the milions of users who have downloaded the truecaller app on their smartphones. As a part of the end user agreement, the truecaller app asks the user to allow access to the user’s address book/contacts on the smartphone.This data is then uploaded by the app to the company’s server. After going through several data matching/refining algorithns, this data is made available to all truecaller users to search upon. So they’ll not get notified only if you click on ask details, otherwise it is just considered as a search. But users with premium subscription get notification if someone views their profile.

Who viewed my profile on Truecaller – know by iPhone Directly?

If you received an email saying that someone has viewed your profile, it means that another person searched you either by name, or number and viewed your public using Truecaller.If you follow the link in the email that you reviewed, you’ll be able to see the profile of the who viewed yours on the Truecaller website. Depending on users privacy settings, you may not be able to see all their information like phone number, address and all.

You can also control who views the information of your own profile by using privacy tab in the setting menu of your Truecaller App.

Why do I get Truecaller notification after the call finished – iPhone ?

You always get a notification after call because this notification provides details of the person who called you, so in case you missed the caller ID before receiving that call. Its just a feature of truecaller app.

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