Free Messaging app – TELEGRAM – Chat – Share Files

This is an era of messaging, whatsapping. Gone are the days of letters, telegrams etc. as these used to take much time of people who send them to their friends and relatives.  BUT history repeats itself and that is why here we have telegram again in our life. but its a little bit different from the former one. earlier if you want to send a telegram you have to go to a postman  and then he will deliver it to the one you want to send it. now, you don’t have to wait for too long to send or receive any telegram. its just a tap away . Basically, TELEGRAM is a messaging application , which is purely a safe, secure and free application , through which you can connect to your family, friends and your near and dear ones.  It is an application which is available for free in play store.

TELEGRAM – Free Messaging app – TELEGRAM – Chat  – Share Files

Free Messaging app - TELEGRAM - Chat - Share Files

TELEGRAM is a messaging app with a focus on its speed, accuracy and safety. Moreover, TELEGRAM can be used in desktop,laptop, and tablets as well along with mobile phones.

You can Download the link from here 



  • Version – 3.18.1
  • downloads – 100,000,000+
  • size – 10.85 MB
  • rated – 4.3/5.

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  • “FILE SHARING ” :- Now, share any media and non media files and messages that too unlimited.
  • “FAST” :- one of the fastest messaging app among all the messaging application available.

Free Messaging app - TELEGRAM - Chat - Share Files

  • “SECURE” :-  This application aims to provide the best security among many other messaging apps. It heavily encrypts all your data with time – tested algorithms.

Free Messaging app - TELEGRAM - Chat - Share Files

  • ” STORAGE” :-  It seamlessly syncs all your devices, so you can always securely access your data. That is via cloud storage.

Free Messaging app - TELEGRAM - Chat - Share Files

  • “CHAT AND SHARE” :- with this messaging application , you can do group chat with people in your contact by simply making a group of upto 1000 members, which lets you quickly share the large videos, documents (.doc,.ppt, .zip, ) and send unlimited amount of photos.

Free Messaging app - TELEGRAM - Chat - Share Files

  • “RELIABLE”:-  It is built to deliver your messages in the minimum usage of your data balance. It is the most reliable messaging app which works even on the weakest connections.
  • “PRIVACY” ;- your number, and every detail is kept on a very higher privacy. no one can access .

This is all about the TELEGRAM application. If you know any other such application do let us know by commenting in the comment box provided at the end of the Free Messaging app – TELEGRAM – Chat  – Share Files article.!!!!!

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