How to transfer photos from iPhone to PC

transfer photos from iPhone to PC

People love to see their captured pictures on a big screen. And for the people like me transfer the photos to PC because of memory full or icloud memory full. And when you have iPhone portrait mode then it increases exponentially. One can import photos for backup data because we don’t want to lose the photos on iPhone. Come to the point today I am writing on article how to transfer photos from iPhone to PC.

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Transfer photos from iPhone to PC

In this tutorial we look at how to copy photos from your iPhone on to any Windows computer.

 Back up iPhone photos to PC

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to quickly and easily back up your photos to your computer or the cloud, which not only saves you space, but ensures your photos will be readily accessible elsewhere in the event your phone is stolen or breaks.

First check Transfer to Mac or PC is automatic or not

First of all, you’ll want to switch on your iPhone or get it off the lockscreen, as if the phone is locked with a passcode or fingerprint, your PC will not be able to see the photos on your iPhone. Once you connect your iPhone via USB to your computer (using a 30-pin or Lightning cable), your PC should pick up the device. Now Follow the below given Steps:

 # Copy iPhone photos to PC (Windows 10)

Step 1: Make sure you have installed the latest version of iTunes on your PC.

Step 2: Connect your iPhone to PC. Type in your password when asked and choose “Trust This Computer“.

Step 3: Launch “Photos” App on your PC and click “Import“.

Step 4: Choose your iPhone, select the photos you want to transfer, and click “Import” to begin to transfer your iPhone photos to PC.

# Back up iPhone photos to PC (Windows 8)

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to PC.

Step 2: Unlock your iPhone and trust the computer.

Step 3: Open “This PC“, right-click your iPhone and choose “Import Photos and videos“.

Step 4: Follow the on-screen windows to transfer your iPhone photos to PC.

# Transfer iPhone photos to PC (Windows 7)

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to PC.

Step 2: When AutoPlay appears, click “Import pictures and videos“.

Step 3: Select the folder in which you’d like to save your photos in “Import Settings“.

Step 4: Select the photos and click “Import” to start to copy photos from iPhone to PC.

This all about Transferring Photos and data from iPhone to PC (Windows 7, 8, 10). If you feel some trouble in transferring or any suggestion regarding article please drop your comment. Have a wonderful day ahead.

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