Turn Off Location – Facebook Messenger – Chat – voice call – Video call

LOCATIONS are the mother of most of the lies being caught. tired of people who see their locations and fire you with lots of questions, and you are in dire need of the solution of this problem. while talking to people on Facebook, you share your location, but in case if you don’t want to  share your location with people, you can do so. Turn Off Location – Facebook Messenger – Chat – voice call – Video call. But how can you do this is a main question. well there is answer to every question and so does apply here!!! but before jumping to the procedure we can look over the basics and few features of Facebook.


FACEBOOK is a social media platform which lets you connect with your friends , family across the globe. you can connect to any of your friend from U.S while sitting at your home in India. It lets you know about your friends , their how being, and what not!!



  • Version –
  • downloads – 1,00,00,00,000+
  • size -62.58 MB
  • rated – 4.0/5.


  • get instantly notified whenever anyone like or comment on your updates, photos, videos you have uploaded, tagged in  or shared.
  • play online games on Facebook and download the applications you like.
  • see what your friends are upto.
  • share updates, photos and videos.
  • do chat and video calling.
  • send and receive multi media and non multi media files via chat.

PROCEDURE:-Turn Off Location

now here is the procedure to turn off the message location on Facebook:-

  • connect your phone to internet.
  • open your Facebook  messenger application and login  with your account.
  • now select a chat with whom you do not want to share your location.
  • Tap on the ‘+’ button. Then select location

turn off location

  • now, tap on messenger location services.

  • You can also stop sharing your location, whenever you feel like.

You can download the Facebook messenger application from here  .

follow these simple steps and stop sharing your location on Facebook. if you know any other such stuffs do let us know by commenting it’s details in the comment box provided at the end of the article.

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Author: akshay upadhyay

He is an Entrepreneur and Professional Blogger, who has tremendous passion for innovative application and developing them, like Video Waker. You can follow him on Google Plus.