How to do USB tethering Via JIOFI? – Use Internet on all device

USB tethering Via JIOFI

It’s been more than an year, since JIo had entered the telecom industry. Jio has made the life of mankind a lot easier. As we have never thought of getting 1GB data that too per day, for free. But not only this, initially JIo SIM cards were available for free, and it had provided free internet for 6 months, that’s indeed a great deal. Although jio was free to use, but it had a restriction that it can be used only in your 4G smartPhone. Later on, they introduced a device named – JIOFI For 3G phone users, JIOFI was introduced. But now You can use JIOFI to use Jio internet in your computers and Laptop. yes Now you can connect your JIOFI with your laptop and computer, by USB tethering Via JIOFI. Lets check how this can be done. Forget JioFi sim number click

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USB tethering Via JIOFI

How to do USB tethering Via JIOFI?

Users can use JIO net on their computer/laptop. As it works as a Wifi. But not all computers support wifi neither does laptops. So, to connect your internet with the systems, which do not support wifi, you can connect the jiofi via a USB. 

To connect JIOFI via USB, you need to have a Jiofi, having a JIO sim. Recharge your Sim with the desired Plan.

Select any plan from Jio 4G recharge plans. 

Now you must be aware of the USB cables. Your phone charger’s cable is also a USB cable, having 2 port. USB cable have two ports, one is a little broad, and other is a little narrow.

Insert the broaden port in your laptop or computer’s USB port, and insert the narrow port in the USB port of JIOFI device.  Switch on the JIOFi, and use the internet with USB tethering VIA JIOFI.

So folks, this is all about how you can do USB tethering VIA JIOFI. Share your thoughts on How to do USB tethering Via JIOFI? Also comment your view below in the comment box provided below How to do USB tethering Via JIOFI? article.



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