How to use AmpMe App to play music louder – Host the Party – Join the party

Do you wanna play music louder by combining smartphones? Don’t have a large stereo or Bluetooth speaker and still wanna experience feel like giant sound system anytime you want? So here’s the solution you are seeking for. Just get the AmpMe App – the perfect social music Party App. Know How to use AmpMe App to Play Music louder – Host the Party – Join the party.

use AmpMe App

Don’t wait for the perfect time and situation for party, just have a thought about and execute it. Even if you don’t have perfect giant sound system, As here we have super solution for it. The AmpMe App; that brings you and your friends together with social music party. AmpMe app allows you to play same music across multiple devices in order to make it louder. Although, AmpMe is not a replacement for a legitimate Audio System, but if that’s not available at that time, at least everyone can enjoy with mobile phone speaker. Just want to know how? Right? Go through the whole article and get you answer friends.

Working of AmpMe App – Connect Mobiles and Play Music:

AmpMe App is totally easy to use. It just combine mobile phones with the help of open Internet Connection. Along with internet connection, it also needs to turn on GPS so that one would know about the location of social music party. It synchronizes the music and play across multiple devices. However, one can also have the option of Bluetooth, then why this AmpMe. Actually, The problem with Bluetooth is that you can connect only  three or four devices together, and they can only be either Android or iPhone. It doesn’t work between platforms while AmpMe does. While, AmpMe has no limit to connect devices; even the latest record is 22000 devices played together which turned into giant sound system. It has three online Music source and one Offline Music source which are YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify and your Music Library. lets see how to get started.

 How to use AmpMe App to play music louder:

  • First of all get the AmpMe App from Google Playstore or App Store.
  • If you are offline then you can play songs only from your music library. Also you can not join or connect other devices with your phone.

use AmpMe App

  • So, that means to host the party or to join the party, you need internet connection essentially. Moreover, you also need to turn on you GPS so that you can search others and other can also know if you host the party.

use AmpMe App

One can enjoy party by Hosting or Joining, let’s see how to Host party and how to Join party:

Hosting a Party:

  • Once you open the app with internet connection and GPS on, then you will see the screen where all hosted parties are seen just by swipe them.

use AmpMe App


  • Below there you can see those four Music Sources. YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify and Music Library of your phone.
  • As you wanted to host the party, you can start it with any one of them.

use AmpMe App

  • Like if you want to play it with YouTube, then just tap on it and start playing songs whatever you want. that’s it.

use AmpMe App

  • Only host is allowed to end the party, once it is ended, all devices get disconnected.

Once you have done with it, Now people near you can join the party. Lets see how.

Joining a Party:

  • When you want to join the party just open the app and you will find the same screen of hosted parties.

use AmpMe App

  • Now just simply by clicking on the Host you can join the party. yeah its more easy. But you can not play it with your choice.

use AmpMe App

  • Participants are allowed to view the playlist and even they are allowed to leave the party at any moment.

use AmpMe App

Know More about AmpMe app here. You can easily download AmpMe App from Google Play store.

To Invite your friends to join the party, you can send them link by tapping on the ‘Add Friend’. You can send invite through any social media platform. However, if they are at distant place then participants will not act as speaker. It’s just they can enjoy the same music with you.

use AmpMe App

Pros: – Use AmpMe App

  • AmpMe is free to Download and use.
  • It does not contain ads popup to interrupt you.
  • There are no limits on the duration of listening songs or hosting party.
  • It is possible to connect so many devices as no limit is there for party participants.

Cons: – Use AmpMe App

  • Participants have to end the party if it is ended by host, doesn’t matter what they want.

use AmpMe App

  • you can not play music in background.

use AmpMe App

  • Doesn’t allow you to search or add the song while playing the song.
  • You can not move the seek to forward music, no matter you are host or participant.

So guys, Download the AmpMe app and Join or Host the party anytime, anywhere you want. It is very easy to play with it. If you know any other such app, then do share it with us by commenting below in the comment box of use AmpMe App article.

Author: akshay upadhyay

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