USSD Codes for all US Telecom Networks – Check DATA – Text Usage – Free minutes – Balance

All USSD Codes - USA

Have your ever faced any situation where your balance has been deducted for no reason, or Your Data has been vanished even when you know you have not used that much data. Sometimes, you have made a recharge and then you forget about its validity, or the remaining benefits. Moreover, you may also want to know the benefits you have already consumed. So, to deal with these situations you do not need to call Customer Care, anymore. Now the question arises is how can you deal with these problems on your own. Without seeking any Support from the Customer care executives. So, the solution to these problems are USSD Codes. Here we are with the list of All USSD Codes – USA.

USSD stands for Unstructured supplementary Service Data. These  are the Blessing for the people who are running out of patience because of these problems. These are very easy to use and Can help you out with your queries and problems within few Seconds. Before looking over the USSD codes , first Lets see how it works.

All USSD Codes - USA

How USSD codes work – All USSD Codes – USA

For Using USSD codes all you need to do is to open your phone, and dial the code. Say for an example you are looking for your data balance and the code for the same is *121#. Then, in that case all you need to do is to open the dialer and dial it, once you dial it, you will be shown what you were looking for.

USSD CODE of Various network service providers


  • You can dial #646 to know your minute usage.
  • While, if you want to know the DATA and Text message usage, dial -#3282

T – Mobile (USA)

  • Check Your DATA Usage by dialing #932#
  • Dial #646# to check the minute usage
  • If you wish to check your message usage, you can dial #674#

AT & T 

  • dial 3282# for Data and text usage .
  • For  Minute usage you can dial 646#

These all are the Few USSD codes of the network service provider in USA. If you know any such USSD codes, do share with us by  commenting below in the comment box of the All USSD codes – USA article.

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