MX Player vs VLC Player – Features – Pros – Cons

Recently, We have shared the detailed features of two best Audio & Video Player. Here we are comparing features of these two leading Media player- MX Player vs VLC Player – Features – Pros – Cons.

In the era of Internet and Technology, Competition has intensified in every field of business. Every time we compare things to use best and efficient one. There are so many media player in Google Playstore, but we have shared the most efficient Media players to you. As Whenever we think about HD movies or videos, we always desire to have a best way to enjoy. And It is so obvious that a well-designed Media player can always boost the interest of user to enjoy cinematic experience directly even from smart phone. So here we are comparing two most efficient Media Player.

MX Player vs VLC Player – Features – Pros – Cons

If you ask to play video or music files in any format then MX Player and VLC Player would be our first recommendation. As they both are most stable and flexible media player especially when compared to others that will play unusual formats after downloading a codec or simply refuse to play videos just like in-built player of your Smartphones. Both Media player can be switched to Audio to Video or Video to Audio Player.

You might surely aware of VLC player for PC but VLC for android has also launched for android users. On the other hand MX Player also supports all android devices and iOS operating system. Because of its amazing features and popularity, now MX player is getting used into windows’ computers too. However, there is no official launch to download app on windows PC but there are many ways to download it on your PC. Using Android Emulators like Bluestack, GenyMotion and many more. It can be download for windows XP/ 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10. Both are available for free on Google playstore.

MX Player for Android

  • Download MX player from here.

MX player is one of best player which support all kind of formats. It supports almost every video files including .3gp .avi .divx .f4v .flv .mkv .mp4 .mpeg .mov .vob .wmv .webm and many more. There would be very rare chance that player may not support any other video file. If you try to play an unsupported file, MX player will prompt you to install an additional free codec pack that will most likely solve issue. MX Player possess all those features to attract its user more and more.


  • MX Player has 13.91MB app size or sometimes it’s size varies with devices.
  • Install by 100,000,000 – 500,000,000 number of users.
  • Offered by J2 Interactive.
  • Current Rating: 4.4

VLC Player for Android:

  • Download VLC player from here :

VLC media player is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player that plays most multimedia files as well as discs, devices, and network streaming protocols. Multimedia Player, VLC for Android is also a full audio player, with a complete database, an equalizer and filters allows to play all weird audio formats. All formats are supported, including mkV, .MP4 .avi .mov .Ogg .FLAC .TS .M2TS .Wv and AAC. All codecs are included with no separate downloads. It supports subtitles and Closed Captions.


  • VLC Player has 13.86MB app size or sometimes it’s size varies with devices.
  • Install by 50,000,000 – 100,000,000 number of users.
  • Android required: 2.2 and up.
  • Offered by Videolabs.
  • Current Rating: 4.4

Comparison of MX player and VLC player on the basis of different Features:

USER INTERFACE- MX Player vs VLC Player – Features – Pros – Cons

  • In VLC Player, user can change the Theme of player from by Default Orange Theme to Black Theme only as it allows to enable/disable the Black Theme for better comfort in low light environment.

MX Player vs VLC Player - Features - Pros - Cons

  • While In MX Player, There are so many different options to Change the Theme of the player by enable/disable option in interface.

MX Player vs VLC Player - Features - Pros - Cons

  • Exclusive feature of VLC Player allows users to manually set the Android TV interface on other devices like phones and tablets as Android and Android TV versions are now merged. By connecting Android device to TV with a Bluetooth controller, we can change UI (user interface) to TV adapted Theme. By Settings > Interface > Android TV interface which is not available in MX Player.

MX Player vs VLC Player - Features - Pros - Cons

  • In VLC Player, Audio title alignment is set at the centre by default but from setting > Interface > Audio Title alignment, you can set alignment to Right, left, or Marquee while this change in alignment is only available for subtitle in case of MX Player.

MEDIA VIEW- MX Player vs VLC Player – Features – Pros – Cons

  • VLC Player allows you to resize your video screen to Fit vertical, Fill, 16:9 ratio, 4:3 ratio, center, Horizontal Fit and Best Fit while MX Player has video zoom option which includes fit to screen, stretch, crop, 100% and 150%.
  • Both Player provides option tostart over or Resume’ from where you stopped’ whenever you close or minimize player directly and Provides option to select screen rotation as per users’ convenience.
  • videos can be sort by various option. you can sort it as whatever option you like. options are such as Title, status, Time, Length, Date, Type and many more.

Video Player- Feature :

  • VLC Video Player and MX Player, both has volume control gesture, brightness control gesture and seek control. Both player work on point to point gesture support, such as; swipe up from right to increase volume and swipe down to decrease volume, swipe up from left to change brightness, swipe left to right horizontally to forward & even more.

MX Player vs VLC Player - Features - Pros - Cons

  • Both player allows User to control and increase or decrease ‘playback speed’ of the video.
  • We can set both Video player to play video in the Pop-up window. Hence it allows to play video along with another app screen.
  • VLC Player has ‘save Brightness level’ to save current brightness for the video’.

Audio Player- Feature : MX Player vs VLC Player – Features – Pros – Cons

VLC Player and MX player, both can be switch to audio player even directly from video player. Both Audio player has same feature i.e. Sleep Timer, Playback speed, and as video player but still there are some difference in both audio player as mentioned below:

  • User can rename the song and create a playlist directly from the player by adding song in the playlist in both media player.
  • VLC player has equalizer feature along with different categories so user can easily alter the frequency response of an audio system while In MX Player has stereo mode which includes options for Stereo, Mono, Reverse stereo, and Auto reverse stereo.

MX Player vs VLC Player - Features - Pros - Cons

Tools – MX Player vs VLC Player – Features – Pros – Cons:

  • MX player and VLC Player both has Lock feature which enables user to enjoy without disturbance as it does not rotate screen and lock its sensory features.
  • In VLC Player, At the right hand side of the screen it has ‘option’ button. From that option, we can set ‘ Sleep Timer’, which allows to play music especially in night without having worry of stop songs. While in MX Player, Sleep Timer can be set from the tools menu in hidden menu bar.

MX Player vs VLC Player - Features - Pros - Cons

  • VLC Player has amazing feature of ‘Jump to Time’, which allows to jump on that particular time while MX Player does not possess this tool.
  • VLC Player allows to set Subtitle or Audio delay from no delay while MX Player does not.
  • In MX Player, There is Background play feature that means Audio of video clip can be played in background while In VLC Player, to play music in background user need to switch to audio player or they can enable it through setting.

SUBTITLES – MX Player vs VLC Player – Features – Pros – Cons:

In case of subtitle, both app holds same feature.

  • Both Media Player has support of Subtitle. Even both player let you control character encoding to avoid wrong text.
  • User can select preferred subtitle language from the list of language of subtitle.
  • Both has option to change font size, scale, colour, background colour layout; alignment – left, center, right.
  • From both player, user can search for online subtitle also.

HARDWARE ACCELERATION – MX Player vs VLC Player – Features – Pros – Cons:

  • VLC can decode video in both software and hardware mode. Although hardware decoding often provides better performance but unfortunately it is not supported on all devices. Android version below 4.3, software decoding may be the only supported option for users.

MX Player vs VLC Player - Features - Pros - Cons

  • While in MX Player, There is option to enable Hardware acceleration. This is very helpful when you try to decode High Resolution Video files, letting the GPU help with decoding instead of relying on CPU.
  • MX Player also supports multi-core Decoding. It supports HW+ Decoder for local files as well as for network play. It also supports SW Decoder (software decoder) for local file as well as for network play from remote sources via HTTP, FTP, RTSP, MMS and more. User can use SW audio decoder instead of HW audio decoder.


So here, MX Player wins in case of Hardware acceleration and Multi-core decoding as it has more and advance feature as compare to VLC Player.

Pros & cons of MX Player and VLC Player:

PROs: Almost PROs are same for both Media Player so let us what are they:

  • It has Hardware acceleration.
  • Provides all kind of customization for users.
  • Special support for format of subtitles.
  • Multi-support decoding.
  • Support almost all Languages for subtitles.
  • Support maximum types of video files.
  • Audio track can be changed dynamically.


The only downside of MX Player is that its free version has banner ads but user can get rid of this problem by paying for its Pro version. MX Player pro does not contain ads so user can continue entertainment without getting irritate while using MX Player.

The only downside of VLC Player was that it’s beta version was not stable but now VLC for android is not available only in beta version. It’s new version is more stable. VLC Player does not pop up ads like MX Player.

VLC Player allows network streaming while MX Player does not.


Since it is not that easy to choose best media Player so we have compared two most leading media player for watching HD Movies and videos. Both Media Player are best at their own place but it’s all users’ choice which kind of feature they personally want. We hope these comparison would help you to conclude that which one is your choice.

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