Vodafone offers 4 times 4G data packs – 4GB for Rs 250

Vodafone offers 4 times 4G data packs

Vodafone has always proved its services and customer retaining strategies so again while the freebies are busy having free data and call usage vodafone again came up with it’s new  4G offers for its customers . Below you will find list of all Vodafone offers.

Reliance jio has taken a toll over telecom industry by being a trend setter for providing free internet and calling services to the customers. This has caused its competitors a strong loss as they people are scared of losing their own customers over freebies. so the competitor telecom companies are also trying to attract new customers while retaining the old ones as well.

Vodafone offers 4 times 4G data packs

The first one to come up with attractive offers is vodafone. Yes you heard it right. It is the vodafone which came up with attractive offers. So vodafone has really very good deals for it’s customers.

Vodafone offers 4 times 4G data packs
Vodafone offers 4 times 4G data packs

Few More for You :

Vodafone announces 4 times the 4G data offers.

Earlier vodafone was providing 1 GB 4 G data in INR 250, but now as they are retaining their customers while making new customers they are offering 4 GB 4G data in just INR 250 with the same validity of 28 days.

add to it, the other data packs has also been revised by vodafone. However the “4 times” data offer is limited to INR 250 but there is more in the same line.

Vodafone is also providing 22 GB 4 G data pack in INR 999 for 28 days, whereas earlier they were offering 10 GB 4G data in INR 999 for 28 days.

Vodafone has also offered :

  • 1 GB     – INR 150
  • 4 GB     – INR 250
  • 6 GB     – INR 350
  • 9 GB      – INR 450
  • 13 GB     – INR 650
  • 22 GB     – INR 999
  • 35 GB     – INR 1500

All of these new and revised data packs are available in both online and offline channels across all telecom circles where vodafone offers its 4G services.

So, vodafone is heating up the telecom market war in the best way possible .

Now, it is time to see how other competitors like  idea, airtel would come up with their new strategy of offering more data than ever before to attract new customers and to retain the already existing ones.

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