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What’s App Added back Old Text status Feature

Recently, the Social Networking giant- Whatsapp has rolled out an status feature update which had replaced the ‘Text Status’ form. But Text-Status feature of What’s app was being missed by it’s user. In response of loud and persistent outcry from many people, What’s App Added back Old Text status Feature  .

Facebook owned- Instant messaging what’s app has brought to you back it’s most loved Text Status feature. In last month which has been replaced by new status feature update in favour of photo, video and GIF based status feature. That new update was just a clone of snapchat stories or Instagram stories which is not admired by users of What’s app. as people love Text status more. So in response of clamoring for their old text Status, what’s app decided to re-add Text Status feature update as well so that people may enjoy as per their choice.

What’s app Text Status feature update is back:

Globally, What’s app- The Instant messaging app, is most popular app as it is used by everyone from a child to aged ones. Whats App – Status Feature Update and Text Status is available to all user across the world on android devices. You will be happy to know that now along with update your status story on whatsapp, you can post Text Status just as before you do. Yes story Status feature is not going anywhere, it will remain same as before in a separate tab. So along with Share story of whatever have done throughout your entire day with your friends, you can post text status also.

What's App Added back Old Text status Feature

In this new and improved update of Whats app Messenger, The recently updated Status Feature will enable users to share photos, videos, GIFs. User can add drawing, emojis, and caption over status story. This status update will be visible for 24 hour only to the selected people you want to share with and it will disappear itself after 24 hour. While In Text Status feature, user can write and post whatever they want.

What's App Added back Old Text status Feature

The most admirable thing is that user can change it’s privacy setting separately same as ‘My Profile’ and ‘last seen’. And it will not disappear until user themselves change it or remove it.

What's App Added back Old Text status Feature

Text status has been shifted to profile page of What’s app under About and Phone.Text Status privacy allows you to set your privacy who can see your status updates in three different ways at:

  •  Menu -> Setting -> Account -> Privacy -> About
  1. Everyone
  2. My Contacts
  3. Nobody.

What's App Added back Old Text status Feature

How to get What’s app Text- Status Back – What’s App Added back Old Text status Feature

For what’s app Text status feature, all you need to do is to install or update your current what’s app App from Google Playstore. What’s app had introduced Text Status feature before some days only on What’s app beta version to beta users. But now it has deployed and made available new Text Status feature publicly. However, it’s update is only available for android users but it will be soon available for iOS users too.

How to Navigate to What’s app Text Status – What’s App Added back Old Text status Feature

To access the Text Status feature, Firstly, Users need to update What’s app. After that , you have to tap the overflow menu (Three Dots) in the upper right side of the app. Tap Settings which would take you to the ‘profile’ setting section where you will find all options. Head to your ‘Profile’, where you will see your profile picture, Account Name and About & Phone number.

Download WhatsApp From here :

What's App Added back Old Text status Feature

When you tap on text under ‘About and Phone number’, you will find old Text Status option back. Here, you will get your current set status and all old Default options like ‘Busy’, ‘Available’, ‘At school’ and many more.  Obviously as mentioned above, it will not disappear itself after particular time as Story Status.

What's App Added back Old Text status Feature

New What’s app update  brought another convenient feature for users that is ‘contacts’ section. This Feature allow users to view all contacts alphabetically by just one single tap. It will make easy to initiate a conversation too. That new option of contact list is available at bottom right of chat section as a green icon.

The re-addition of the basic Text Status feature is rolling out speedily. And users are very happy to find their old Text status back. So, in short now you can enjoy both feature together on the same platform which is very excited.

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