Whatsapp New beta version Update – Convert voice call to video call

Whatsapp New beta version Update

Whatsapp is one of the most used App for chat. It is one of the most popular Chat app across the globe. People across the world, uses Whatsapp – A chat app for communication, sharing photos, videos, contact numbers, music and what not?? Moreover, we can share locations as well. As whatsapp never fails in providing its users, those features that users want. So in lieu to it, whatsapp has again introduced a new feature. Here is the new update – Whatsapp New beta version Update – Convert voice call to video call 


Whatsapp New beta version Update – Convert voice call to video call

We all know about whatsapp video call and voice call, and must have used them at least for once. But earlier we could have either video call or voice call at one time. So, now with the new update You can easily switch from voice call to video call.

How to Convert voice call to video call?

once you are on a voice call, you can switch it directly to the video call, by tapping the video icon. Once you tap the video Icon, a request will be sent to other user, if they accept it, your call will be converted to video call, else, the voice call will continue.

Whatsapp New beta version Update

The switch call feature is available on whatsapp beta app v2.18.4

Moreover, there are other changes as mentioned below:

  • New user interface to manage stickers
  • New separate tabs to access stickers which includes “Recent stickers” and “starred Stickers”

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Although these two features are still in the internal testing, but the features will roll out with the future updates.

So folks, use the  new beta version of whatsapp and enjoy your voice calls, turn them to video call. Share your views on whatsapp new beta version update by commenting below in the comment box of the article.


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