15 Most Important WhatsApp Tips and Tricks- You Must Know

WhatsApp tips and tricks. Guys, I am writing this post especially for those who have missed out the many Whatsapp tricks that we have discussed in last month. So here I am listing all the tricks so as to make it a place where you can get all the recent tips and tricks of the features introduced by Whatsapp. And also I will keep updating this list as soon as Whatsapp introduces any new feature into it.

Whatsapp tips and tricks
Whatsapp tips and tricks

15 Most Important WhatsApp Tips and Tricks- You Must Know 

1.) How to make Free Voice Call on Whatsapp:

  • Whatsapp has officially introduced the calling feature in the messenger, after so many controversies and scams regarding the calling feature of Whatsapp messenger like in its one of the scams they tell you to visit a link and tell you to invite 10 friends using the same link in order to activate the calling feature on their smart phones.

Free Voice Call on Whatsapp Download whatsApp from here 

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2.) Hide or Remove Blue Ticks from Whatsapp on Android- Disable Read Receipt :

  • Blue Tick feature symbolizes that a particular message sent by a user has been successfully delivered and read by the recipient. Initially, When Whatsapp has introduced this Blue Tick or read recipient feature it seemed to be a boon because by this feature you can even know that your message had been read by the user. But for some of the users it became a matter of controversy, when they did not reply even after reading the message. Of course, you cannot immediately respond to every message coming to your phone. So this situation can become a matter of worry if not addressed properly.

Hide or Remove Blue Ticks from Whatsapp on Android- Disable Read Receipt3.) Configure auto download feature in Whatsapp:

  • By default, this feature is enabled. So images, audio files, and video files are downloaded automatically, when your device is connected to Internet. Whatsapp has provided you the settings from where you can customize auto-download option with ease.

Configure auto download feature in Whatsapp4.) Hide WhatsApp last seen feature in Android:

  • Hiding last seen is a desirable and pleasing feature, as it will make users comfortable for not being observed as active at any given instant of time.  With hiding last seen, you can also hide your profile status and photo from people who are not in your contact list

Hide WhatsApp last seen feature in Android5.) Change Whatsapp Group Admin or Add Multiple Admin.

  • With the help of this feature, the responsibilities of adding different new friends can be distributed among group administrators. The new member has to wait till the sole group admin will not add him into the group. But now it is possible.

Change WhatsApp Group Admin or Add Multiple Admins6.) Set whatsApp full size Profile picture without cropping.

  • WhatsApp restricted their user to upload picture with Square sized photo, or either you need to crop it down as square. So you wont be able to upload full size picture in WhatsApp as profile picture, without applying any trick.

Set whatsApp full size Profile picture without cropping7.) Clock Sign,One Tick,Double Tick,Blue Tick in whatsapp:

  • Whatsapp messenger has many parameters that show the path followed by a message right from the moment it has been sent. A recently introduced feature of whatsapp is blue ticks. blue tick is a boon for most of the whatsapp user who want to urgently know of course in some cases  whether their message has been seen and read by the user or not.

Clock Sign,One Tick,Double Tick,Blue Tick in whatsapp8.) Send and share pdf, doc, excel, xls files in Whatsapp.

  • In some cases, we need to send pdf, doc, excel and xls files to our contacts. But for that purpose there is no direct option available in whatsapp. In order to deal this situation, there are many apps available in the app store. CloudSend is one of them.

Send and share pdf, doc, excel, xls files in Whatsapp9.) Hide Whatsapp images, videos, audios files from gallery:

  • By default Whatsapp images, videos, audios are shown in the gallery so that Whatsapp user can see them along with other gallery images and videos and do not need to go other place to see it. However,in some cases, where device is used by children and teens of the family, their parents may not want children to see the stuff sent by some of their immature friends.

Hide or Remove Blue Ticks from Whatsapp on Android- Disable Read Receipt10.) Whatsapp on pc.

  • This feature allows you to use Whatsapp application from your personal computer. Although this feature has some limitations still it will prove to be very useful especially for those having small size keypad in their smart phones.

Use Whatsapp on PC Via Whatsapp Web - Without Installing BlueStacks 11.) Write in Hindi on WhatsApp Android.

  • One more additional feature into the gamut of WhatsApp features has been added when it allowed us to use Hindi language in order to chat with our near and dear ones in Hindi language (Devanagari Script). Although WhatsApp is not providing this feature on its own rather it is compatible with the application called Google Hindi Input which is providing this feature developed by Google.

Write in Hindi on WhatsApp Android 12.) Receive Whatsapp Notification on Lock Screen

  • By default, you receive Whatsapp notifications when your mobile screen is on and not when it is off. But you can also receive Whatsapp notifications when your mobile screen is off with the help of just a simple option.

Receive Whatsapp Notification on Lock Screen13.) Create Whatsapp contact short-cut android.

  • Everyone has a lots of contacts associated with ones Whatsapp account out of which with some people we need to chat frequently. But when we open Whatsapp Messenger they are all mixed and we could not find them with that much ease.So for that purpose there is an in-built function in Whatsapp that allows us to create a short-cut for our intended contact on the home screen separately.

Create Whatsapp contact short-cut android14.) Broadcast: One message to many on Whatsapp:

  • Broadcasting is simply means sending one message to many contacts simultaneously. In the latest version of whatsapp broadcast feature is added. This brings easy way to share message to many with one click.

Broadcast: One message to many on Whatsapp15.) Change registered mobile number in WhatsApp:

  • Many a times, we need to change our phone number due to some reasons for e.g. we are migrating to some another state. In this type of situation one is left with two options as far as WhatsApp Messenger is concerned

Change registered mobile number in WhatsApp

That is all for now. Just go through the above tips and tricks of Whatsapp and Do comment below if you have any doubts and keep visiting our website for future updates.

Happy Messaging 

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