Xender – How to share and Transfer Files- Images Videos Music

Xender- share and Transfer Files-Images-Videos-Music2

In Google Playstore, there are so many app for transferring and sharing the files, images, music and videos. But here we are sharing one of the most trusted, fastest, and smart Sharing app- XENDER.

Now a days, everyone uses Smartphone which is very common as it is need of today’s generation. Normally in our daily life we need to transfer file, images, videos and many more for which we uses transfer and sharing app. Here we are providing you detailed features of Xender which one of the best sharing app. Xender is Fastest than Bluetooth and easier than AirDrop.

Xender- share and Transfer Files-Images-Videos-Music

Xender APP – How to share and Transfer Files- Images Videos Music:

Xender is amazing app that enables any kind of file transfer between android devices and PC at incredible fast rate. It allows to transfer Images, Music, Videos, Documents, Contact and even App also. You can share any kind of file anywhere, anytime without data cost and time cost.

Xender- share and Transfer Files-Images-Videos-Music1

Xender is a cross-platform Transferring as it allows sharing files between mobile & tablet & to PC/Mac as well.

It is Faster than Bluetooth. It is so obvious that the person to whom you want to transfer file should be nearby to you just as it is based on Wi-Fi Hotspot connectivity. You can share anything by creating a Hotspot. Even it allows to share Xender app itself by Bluetooth or Hotspot. It works on the wireless connectivity. You can send file upto 5 connected devices simultaneously.

Xender- share and Transfer Files-Images-Videos-Music16

How to get Xender App -The Sharing App – For Android, Windows or iOS:

Xender is most trending transfer app in the market which is available for free. It is available for free to Download on Playstore, Appstore and Window Store. Transfer and Sharing app – Xender is devised to connect all kind of devices.

  • Download from here for Android devices.
  • For iOS devices, download from here.
  • For Windows phone, download from here.

You can also check ShareIt Application 

How to transfer files from Android to Android, iOS, PC with Xender App:

Android to Android – Xender App Steps: 

  • Download and install from Google Playstore and then open the app.
  • At the bottom of the screen it has send and receive icon which are used to make connection.

Xender- share and Transfer Files-Images-Videos-Music5

  • Tap on send icon which will create a group and other phone has to tap on Receive icon to join a group.

Xender- share and Transfer Files-Images-Videos-Music3

  • Both of your device should be connect automatically after joining the group.
  • When connection established you are all set to transfer a any file you want to share.

Android to iOS – Xender App Steps:

  • Make sure both devices have Xender app.
  • When you open app in your Android phone it has send icon at the bottom of screen. Tap on ‘send’.
  • It will ask you to connect to iOS . Tap in that.

Xender- share and Transfer Files-Images-Videos-Music2

  • On iOS device you have to connect to Wi-Fi network created by Android device.

Xender- share and Transfer Files-Images-Videos-Music17

  • Go back to Connect on iOS and choose connect friend. Device should be connected automatically.
  • You can start transferring files.

Android to PC – Xender App Steps:  

  • Open Xender on your Android phone and Tap on Send icon.
  • Choose to connect on PC.

Xender- share and Transfer Files-Images-Videos-Music4

  • Open web.xender.com in PC or let your laptop join the personal hotspot created by your mobile device.
  • Scan the QR code with your you Android device and both devices should be connected automatically.
  • Accept the permission on your mobile device and your devices should be connected.

Features of Xender- The Sharing App:

Here below are the amazing features of the sharing app which will surely attract you:

  • Share any kind of file without restriction: Xender allows to transfer any kind of file from Images, Documents, Music, to Videos and Apps

Xender- share and Transfer Files-Images-Videos-Music6

  • Send large files without any restriction: This transfer and sharing app allows to share any kind of file along with without restriction of its size. Yes, it allows to transfer large file also with fast speed.
  • Absolutely without mobile data usage: It allows to share files without establishment of network connection. It needed no network connection, no mobile data usage. It just need to create Hotspot group and join that group for transferring files.
  • Transfer file with flash speed: It has 200 times Bluetooth transfer speed. So it saves much time while sharing files as it is speedy app.
  • Supports cross-platform transferring: Xender- The Sharing app is cross-platform transferring platform. It supports to transfer files between Android, & IOS, & Windows, & PC/ Mac

Xender- share and Transfer Files-Images-Videos-Music2

  • Wireless connectivity: No need for USB connection and PC software installation. It is based on wireless connectivity. To transfer files all you need is to create Hotspot group and join that group by other device.
  • Smart Phone Replication: It has smart switch mobile data like contact, SMS, images, Photos, videos, apps, documents and any other files from your old phone to new phone.
Xender- share and Transfer Files-Images-Videos-Music7
  • File Manager: You can Play all music and videos in the app. It enables to delete, edit, and move files you received and even to create backup copy whenever you need to clean phone storage.

Xender- share and Transfer Files-Images-Videos-Music8

  • Check out Friend’s app:  When you are connected to your friend’s device, it allows to check and receive app from that device also.
  • Enables History: You can see Receive and sent history anytime in your phone.

Xender- share and Transfer Files-Images-Videos-Music9

  • Multi-language support: Xender supports multi-language to operate app for users.
  • Download Location: You can change download Location as per your need from internal storage to external storage.

Xender- share and Transfer Files-Images-Videos-Music15

  • Multi-colour Theme: Xender has introduced new multi-colour theme feature. you can change theme for the app as per your choice.

Xender- share and Transfer Files-Images-Videos-Music10

  • Shake device to send: It has Shake device feature to send any kind of files. However you can enable or disable as per your convenience from setting option.

Xender- share and Transfer Files-Images-Videos-Music11

  • Share Mobile Data: You can share mobile data directly from the Xender hotspot also. However it also provides option to disable share mobile data in setting.
  • Hide file feature: You can hide app, images, files and videos from the app. It also has option to show hidden app or files which can be set through settings as per your convenience.

Xender- share and Transfer Files-Images-Videos-Music12

  • View Properties: It allows to view properties of files directly from the app.

Xender- share and Transfer Files-Images-Videos-Music13

So let’s enjoy and experience fastest all-in-one transfer and sharing app in any place at any time. What you think about Xender App. Do comment below if you are getting problem in sharing files with Xender Android app.

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